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The Veep Is A Creep
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Yet another episode of 24 begins with people cleaning up the mess that was made at the end of the last one. In this case, the terrorist drone pilot that Doyle and Kiefer shot is being wheeled out of the building on a gurney. Kiefer follows him out, yelling at the medic to keep the pilot alive, since he's their only link to Gredenko. As for Kiefer himself, he seems to have recovered from any ill effects that might have lingered from his being blown up less than ninety minutes ago. Doyle comes out to tell Kiefer about the consequences of his crappy landing, but Kiefer doesn't seem too worried about it for now. He just tells Doyle to have his men go through all of the pilot's computers. And since the medic calls over to say that the pilot just died, that's all they're going to be getting from him. Kiefer mutters a half-hearted "dammit" and dials his cell phone. When he gets through to Buchanan at CTU, they touch base on their respective non-progress, and Buchanan breaks the news that, as a result of the dozen or so firefighters Kiefer killed, the Veep is now determined to nuke Mideastia. Kiefer is stunned: "What's he trying to do, start World War III? That'll be seen as an act of aggression against the entire Middle East." And if Kiefer thinks you're being too aggressive, just how far off the reservation have you gone? Buchanan says that they're just going to have to find Gredenko and Fayed before the strike, which is scheduled to occur in an hour away. Kiefer grumbles and hangs up.

Somewhere else, Gredenko is trying to reach the pilot on his cell phone, but there's no answer. You'd think CTU would hear a ringing cell phone at their end and be more than a little interested to talk to Gredenko, but no. They're all too busy gossiping. Gredenko goes inside the parked panel truck that's serving as his and Fayed's temporary base, and reports to Fayed that his pilot is incommunicado. Without taking his eyes off Fox News (Fair. Balanced. Beloved by terrorists), Fayed says that's because the pilot got busted. After all, the destruction of San Francisco is ten minutes overdue, and there's nothing about it on TV. Fayed doesn't realize that this could be because Roger Ailes is trying to decide whether a terrorist-destroyed San Francisco is good news or bad news, but in any case, Fayed's correct in assuming that the detonation never occurred. Gredenko says it's okay, because the pilot doesn't know where they are, and they still have two nukes to continue their operations. In fact, the two suitcases are sitting right there on the floor. They make kind of a sad display after the four Fayed was carting around a mere eleven hours ago. Fayed agrees; he shoves Gredenko up against the wall and sticks the muzzle of his gun under Gredenko's jaw. "I have the bombs!" he angrily corrects. Gredenko coolly reminds Fayed that he still needs Gredenko to get the targets. Fayed reluctantly lets Gredenko go. Gredenko pulls out his cell phone to call someone else.

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