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How To Disarm A Terrorist
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Since the Veep decided to try and have Wayne removed from power at the end of the last hour, the Cabinet has wasted no time convening in the White House Bunker's Battle Bridge (and, where applicable, by videoconference). They must not like Wayne much, either. Tom is going to be facilitating the upcoming hearing, so he's the one taking attendance. Who's missing? Oh, right, the President of the United States. Maybe he thinks they can't fire him if he doesn't show up.

Wayne is currently in some ratty little bunker office, already dressed in his shirt and tie (and also pants -- sorry, ladies). He's also got a Season-3-Tony neck bandage, and fresh stitches in his left cheek. That's hardcore. If he were willing to knock out a couple of teeth, nobody would dare stand in his way. As Doctor Welton finishes taking Wayne's blood pressure, Wayne tries to get out of the wheelchair he's been parked in. Karen and Sandra do the nurturing-woman thing, as Sandra tells him to taka care of himself and Karen reminds him that Roosevelt did fine in a wheelchair. Wayne protests that he doesn't want to look weak in front of the Cabinet. He's going to be self-conscious enough being the only black guy in the room. So instead of asking for a jaunty FDR cigarette holder to waggle at the ceiling, Wayne asks Dr. Welton for a shot of adrenalin. The doctor tries to warn Wayne off of doing anything that will elevate his blood pressure, but his advice is cut off when Tom sticks his head in to say that everyone's waiting. "Just do it," Wayne orders the doctor. "Now." Otherwise Wayne's going to get pissed off enough to elevate his blood pressure all by himself.

Kiefer's still in the House of Hauser, on the phone with Buchanan to explain that Gredenko offered up Fayed in exchange for immunity and a promise not to be returned to Russia. Kiefer doesn't trust Gredenko, especially after he gave in so quickly. Buchanan dodges the decision and leaves it up to Kiefer, because he's finally starting to figure out who the boss really is around here. Buchanan does notify Kiefer about what's going on in D.C., with Wayne awake and trying to keep being president in the face of the Veep's 25th Amendment challenge. Buchanan doesn't yet know how it's going to shake out, but he does know that if another nuke goes off in the U.S., the Veep is certain to get his way. "His way" meaning, of course, "Point everything east and hit 'launch.'" Speaking of getting his way, Kiefer realizes that, with the presidency up in the air, any immunity agreement for Gredenko won't be worth the Mad Lib page it's printed on. So now that Kiefer doesn't have to hold up his end of Gredenko's offer anyway, the decision of whether to take Gredenko up on it just got a whole lot easier. He tells Buchanan to have the Attorney General draw up the papers. Uh, isn't the Attorney General kind of busy with something else right now?

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