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Fed Sematary
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Tonight's previouslies feature "Prime Minister Ule Matobo" (good to know how to spell his first name), Samantha Roth, Henry Taylor, FBI Agent Renee Walker, and Jack Bauer. One of those people now has less than an hour to live. Oops, is that a spoiler?

At the FBI's Washington Field Office, Boss Moss is rallying the assembled troops, and tasking Janis with coordinating operations with the NSA. "I'll do what I can," she answers, totally interrupting his flow. She tries to explain how hard it is to work with the NSA, and he cuts her off, telling her nobody's having a slack day today. "Just make it happen." He reiterates that they're expecting another attack from Dubaku at any time. "The only way to stop it is to find Almeida and Bauer and take control of the CIP device." Emotionally, he breaks the news that Walker has been abducted. Everyone but Janis and Sean shifts uncomfortably, because they already knew, but nobody else says a word. They're not getting paid speaking rates, after all. "We're the only chance she's got," Moss concludes. He heads over to Sean, who now has a cleaner recording of the call fragment in which Walker was ordered to be killed. He plays it back yet again, almost slipping some of the required early-episode exposition past us without our noticing. But unfortunately for the effort to find Walker, that's all he has. "I'm sorry about Renee, Larry," Sean says. "She was a good agent." Oops, was that past tense? Moss yells at Sean that they don't know she's dead yet.

Well, it won't be long; judging from how that ditch at the construction site looks. Kiefer and Tony didn't exactly do a half-ass job of burying her. Really, you guys, you could have just sprinkled a thin layer on there and Emerson wouldn't have noticed. Fortunately for her, a familiar blue molester-van has just arrived. Buchanan and Chloe hop out. "Tony said near the backhoe," Buchanan says. When did he say this? I guess we're expected to fanwank that Tony was live on a hidden comm device with Chloe and Buchanan the whole time, and gave them directions to find Walker while he was outside of the van. And we should also assume that Buchanan and Chloe didn't wait to leave their HQ until Emerson and his crew got to the construction site, because that was a half-hour trip last week and Homemade CTU couldn't be much closer. But of course, this isn't the last or most egregious timeline violation we'll see tonight, so let's hurry up and get to some of the other ones. Buchanan quickly finds the ditch and jumps down into it, somehow avoiding crushing Walker in the process. He uncovers the dirt from Walker's face, then rips open the plastic like she's a big bag of chips. After listening at her mouth for a moment, he says she's not breathing and asks Chloe for the adrenalin needle that she just happens to have in her bag, like every fully prepared mother of a toddler should. While Chloe gets the shot ready, Buchanan begins chest compressions. I bet Kiefer wishes he were here to do the mouth-to-mouth. A moment later, Walker gets her shot in the chest Pulp Fiction-style (only less, you know, Pulp Fiction-y), and gasps back to life. "Who are you?" she chokes out in a voice filled with dirt. "We're working with Jack," Buchanan says. "He told us where to find you. You're going to be okay." I suppose there's no reason they wouldn't tell her they're with Kiefer; she's still three-quarters buried, so it's not like she can run away right now.

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