Day 7: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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Down with the Sickness
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You'll recall that we left things in a standoff that began right at the stroke of midnight. So what's been going on in the few minutes since 12:00 AM? Apparently, a whole lot of Moss and his FBI agents staring at the Starkwood guys surrounding them, and the Starkwood guys staring back. But now Starkwood escalates matters. By? Turning on the floodlights atop their Humvees. Oooh. At least that makes it easier to continue shooting the scene. Tony walks up to Moss and obviouses that with three platoons surrounding them, this looks a lot like a trap. Over his earpiece, Moss tells Walker back at FBI-DC that some satellite coverage would be nice about now, and back at FBI-DC, Janis finally gets some online for him. Now she can tell that not only are they totally surrounded, but three more Hummers are en route. They pull into the lot, and out of one of them gets Jonas Hodges himself. He walks with Stokes up to Moss. Moss does some posturing, but Hodges isn't intimidated. He's the one with the most guns, after all. He wants every FBI agent off the property, and to leave Seaton behind while they're at it. Moss mentions the presidential order they have, and Hodges points out that the order was to search one building, which of course they've already searched and which came up empty. Also, please tell me that someone thought to include a clause in Seaton's immunity agreement making it useless if his information turned out to be false. They had almost ten minutes to draft that thing, after all. Moss is already wearying of Hodges's histrionics, and it's only about to get worse when he tells Hodges to stop aiming guns at him so they can talk. "You think you have a gun at your head?" Hodges mocks. "You know what I've got? I've got the United States government sending SWAT teams and attack helicopters in the middle of the night. I've got a government that I served FAITHFULLY! FOR THIRTY YEARS! Dreaming up B.S. accusations so politicians too cowardly to show their faces can dismantle my company. That's what I've got." "And an Emmy nom reel in the can," Moss somehow prevents himself from saying. Hodges gives them five minutes to get out, without saying what'll happen if they don't, although I can't imagine it's an ice cream social he has in mind. And with a reptilian smile, he adds, "And I want my man back." Hodges starts walking back to his Humvee, but no one else moves. Moss asks Walker for suggestions. In return, back at FBI-DC, Walker asks Moss for a second and goes running off.

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