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At the FBI's Washington Field Office, Boss Moss is briefing the leader of the FBI SWAT team that's going to be heading over to Matobo's place forthwith to foil the ex-PM's kidnapping. That leader is played by Peter Onorati, looking every day of his age and none too happy about Moss's order that Tony be brought in alive. Apparently his protests have something to do with the fact that refraining from the use of deadly force is likely to get him and his men killed. Whiner.

Over at Matobo's place, Emerson is busy kicking the crap out of Matobo's security chief outside the panic room, even though the guy already told Emerson it can only be opened from the inside. But that was last week/four minutes ago, so we can't expect Emerson to actually remember that. In the storage space adjoining the panic room, Kiefer's up on a ladder. No, this isn't another manifestation of his Napoleon complex; he's just shining a flashlight into the narrow space between the panic room's roof and the actual ceiling. Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be a secret entrance. What kind of panic room is this, anyway? Aside from one that everyone keeps insisting on calling a "safe room" for some reason. Emerson gets on his cell phone with the fourth member of his crew, Litvak, who is still hanging out by the fuse box he sabotaged, only now he's working on hooking the safe room's intercom back up so Emerson can talk to Matobo. Make up your minds, Emerson's crew.

At FBI-DC, blonde underling Erica comes up to Moss with some papers. He tries to blow her off, but she says it's from the Attorney General. It seems Tanner's lawyers have worked fast; they've not only put together a complaint about Walker's actions in the scant minutes since she threatened to suffocate Tanner, they've also gotten the ear of the Attorney General, who is reacting to the news of a rogue FBI agent as though it's the only crisis currently in progress. After scanning the printout -- several pages of close text, mind you, so somebody somewhere is obviously a very fast typer -- Moss looks irritated and dials his cell phone.

At 12:04:05, he gets through to Walker, who is in her silver SUV with the flashers on but no sirens, driving through the city. Except somebody screwed up the shot so that somehow the Washington Monument isn't visible at all. Walker tells Moss she'll do recon when she arrives at Matobo's residence, but he wants to know how she got the information about the kidnapping in the first place. Of course, she's so sure she did the right thing that she simply answers, "I questioned Tanner." Nobody could possibly object to that, right? Moss reads to her from the complaint, which includes the ventilator-hose thing and the pressure-to-the-gunshot-wound thing, and Walker excuses herself by saying she needed Tanner to give up Tony. "So you tortured him?" Moss demands. Walker doesn't bother answering. Because, again, she did the right thing. Right? Moss points out, "You know as well as I do, coercive interrogation is unreliable." Except on this show. "We'll find out when I get to Matobo's house," Walker says glibly. Well, at least she understands the seriousness of the situation. Moss says she's doing no such thing; she needs to get back to the office. Walker pleads with Moss to let her see this through and correct her mistake, but when he refuses, she hangs up on him and turns off her phone. She just keeps compounding her bad moves, doesn't she? If I still gave characters nicknames, I'd consider calling her Snowball.

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