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Busted…Sort Of
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This week's previouslies freeze-frames have Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, President Allison Taylor, Tony Almeida, and, as with last week, "The FBI." It's like three-fifths of a flashback to the first season.

That's a nice house that the power-suited blonde woman is coming down the stairs of, but we quickly learn its price: a) sometimes you have to get up at two in the morning to go to the White House, and b) you have to do it for your client, who is Jonas Hodges. Whoever she's on the phone with really does not have a clear idea of what's going on and why she's needed because he tells her, "Apparently Hodges was in a policy meeting with the president and things got out of hand." Which I suppose is true, if you reverse those two statements. She puts on her glasses and starts to head out the front door, but as soon as she does, there's a guy standing there spraying an aerosol into her face. It's obviously some kind of drug rather than hair spray, so she collapses semi-conscious on her entryway floor. Her aerossailant steps inside, followed by a similarly blonde and power-suited woman who closes the door behind them. The man gives Hodges's attorney an injection between her second and third fingers (OW!), and before she totally blacks out, she takes in the sight of her own approximate doppelganger crouched over her. No house is nice enough to have to put up with this. The blonde invader takes a couple of photo IDs out of the lawyer's wallet, while the man who aerossaulted the lawyer is busy reading the lawyer's thumbprint with an electronic device. The woman also steals the victim's jewelry and glasses and puts them on. She presses her own thumb against the device, and it comes away shiny with a layer of plastic over the pad. Right where her thumbprint is. I'm not sure what all this means, but I'm pretty sure that the White House is about to be illegally entered for the second time today.

At FBI-DC, Walker catches up with Janis to tell her that they have an ID on Poor Man's Tracy Morgan. He's actually Robert Galvez, a Starkwood employee and, natch, Special Forces vet. Because Starkwood never recruits anyone out of Forrest Gump's unit. She wants Janis to pass that information on to Moss, because neither of them know yet that he's beyond caring. The good news is that the SWAT teams, led by an Agent Park, are only a few minutes away, and there's a supposedly airtight seal around a four-block radius. And since it's an FBI perimeter rather than a CTU one, it's going to be actually difficult for someone to get through it.

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