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Check But Not Mate
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This episode's previouslies include "President Allison Taylor," "Henry Taylor," "Larry Moss," "Jack Bauer," "Tony Almeida," and "Colonel Ike Dubaku," in a scene that wasn't even in last week's episode, when Dubaku asks Nichols over the phone if everything went smoothly. "We have the Matobos, that's what matters," Nichols non-answers, and says he heard about the planes on the radio. But of course Dubaku's just getting started. His last line in the previous hour was even, "Begin."

At the FBI's Washington Field Office, Sean calls over to Boss Moss and shows him a satellite image of what he thinks is the truck that kidnapped the Matobos, near Northwoods Airfields. He doesn't say why he thinks that's the vehicle, so I guess we just have to assume he picked out the biggest, yellowest thing he could find on the road. Good choice of getaway cars, Emerson. Moss assigns Sean to have the image sent out to the search teams, and every other agency he can think of while he's at it. Janis calls over to Moss and tells him, "I found a code fragment that I think could be residue from the CIP intrusion." Whatever that means. Fortunately, Janis explains it: it might be able to help them figure out where Dubaku will target next. "And I need Sean," she adds. Moss is a little nervous about dedicating his entire speaking-role staff to this, but Janis promises, "I will drop it the minute it feels cold." Moss is off to update the White House. Once he's gone, Sean worries that Moss isn't up to this, given his crush on the assumed-dead Agent Walker, but Janis tells him not to worry about it. "In the meantime, I want you to open up a fresh socket." Better not let Erica hear her say that.

At the White House, Ethan is still trying to get Agent Gedge on the phone, and having no success. That's because Agent Gedge is, of course, lying dead in the ruins of Samantha Roth's dining room table, next to a semi-conscious Henry Taylor. Which might explain why he's having trouble answering his cell. Since Ethan doesn't know this, he just bitches at Gedge's voice mail until he gets a call from Moss. "Where are we, Larry?" Ethan asks without preamble. Moss tells him about the big yellow vehicle lead that they're tracking down, but can't offer a time frame. Ethan yells at Moss for sucking and reminds him that more people will die if they can't find Dubaku. Moss comes right back at him, saying his people are giving everything they can. "One of our agents has given her life," he adds. Low blow, Larry. At that, Ethan backs down, and Moss promises to call back ASAP. And then he spends a few seconds standing in his office looking miserable. Maybe if he keeps looking sad enough, Dubaku will turn himself in.

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