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Time for Plan E
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In tonight's previouslies freeze-frames, we've got Tony Almeida, Olivia Taylor, Jonas Hodges, Alan Wilson, and Jack Bauer. Who the hell is Alan Wilson? Oh, he's the guy played by Will Patton, who hangs around freshly shaven with his French cuffs at three o'clock in the morning, obviously.

The building Galvez blew up is looking like a war zone, and the fire department has arrived and is hosing down the structure. By now there are flames in almost every visible window. Wounded men are being schlepped from one place to another, but of course the one we care about is now sitting in the back of one of the ambulances, being attended to by Dr. Macer. She tells him to "hang in there" while she gives him an injection. Kiefer tries to speak, but she tells him his vocal cords are in spasm. Oh, of all the crimes perpetrated today, silencing that voice -- even temporarily -- has to be the most heinous. Walker climbs into the back. Her face is blackened with soot, but her hair still looks spectacular. Think about this for a minute: Since noon, Renee Walker has been buried alive, swam across the Potomac, and been blown up, as well as taken a helicopter ride or two. What this means is that Walker's hair has literally been through all four elements in the last sixteen hours. And yet she doesn't even need a ponytail holder. Amazing.

She asks what happened, and Macer explains that Tony found Kiefer this way, and his meds weren't on him. Kiefer starts trying to talk, over Macer's objections. "Stop...Tony," he gasps. Walker looks confused, like she wants to say, "What should I stop doing? And I'm not Tony." Kiefer chokes out, "Second man...put out APB." Walker's confused, but she does what he says. Only in complete sentences.

As she rattles off instructions into her walkie-talkie, Tony is approaching a couple of agents listening on their SUV radio, unaware that he is about to double-tap them both. Which he quickly does, and drives off in their vehicle. But unlike Galvez, he's wise enough to rip the GPS transponder unit out from under the dash and throw it into the street before driving off, flashers alight.

Macer tells Kiefer to give himself more time to recover, because her day only started a few hours ago and she doesn't realize there are less than five episodes left so we're going to have to start hurrying things along. You know, since the season has been progressing so slowly up until now. She hands Walker a fresh med packet for Kiefer, since obviously he can't be trusted with them himself. After she leaves to help with the wounded, Kiefer has to tell Walker, "Tony was working with Galvez all along." The soot on Walker's face doesn't hide her anguish as she asks if this means Tony killed Moss. Well, yes, Renee, do try to keep up. Kiefer basically summarizes the A-plot of the previous hour and apologizes to Walker. "This is my fault. I vouched for him to you, to the president...I made a terrible, terrible mistake." Actually I believe the expression is "I've made a huge mistake," but I shouldn't pile on. "I just wanted to believe," he confesses. Okay, how many more Fox shows is he going to quote before he stops talking? Fortunately, before he can wonder aloud why Tony would "Lie to Me," an agent calls in to let Walker know he's looking at two dead agents and the spot where their vehicle should be, as well as its tracking device. Walker gives the order to widen the perimeter, but Kiefer tells her, "You're not going to find him. He's gone." Pulling out the IV Macer put in him, Kiefer says it's time for them to call Taylor. Wow, that's dedication. I'd be like, "Gee, Renee, I'm really sorry I can't help you tell the president of the United States how thoroughly fucked we are right now, but I shouldn't get up with this IV in my arm." In fact, a cat in my lap would be enough of an excuse for me. It usually is.

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