Day 7: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

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Framed in Vain
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Previouslies freeze-frames? President Allison Taylor, Olivia Taylor, Jonas Hodges, and Tony Almeida. Oh, and some Jack Bauer guy. Will one of those people die this hour? I'm thinking yes, unless Kiefer starts feeling better soon.

Jibraan Al-Zarian's apartment is quite the hive of activity. The goons Tony and the Faux-yer brought along are busy doing stuff like hiding dynamite and guns in dresser drawers, while Tony himself tapes a gag on the mouth of Jibraan's younger brother Hamid, who is still unconscious and laid out on a bed in the back room. Then he limps past Jibraan, wearing a tape-gag of his own and handcuffed to one of his cheap dining room chairs, over to the Faux-yer, who is busy at Jibraan's computer. She's just about done filling his hard drive with cookies from scary-looking terrorist-symp websites, and whatever else one might say about terrorists, they clearly know good web design. Some real bleeding-edge work on a lot of those home pages. I would have assumed those kind of sites would be full of flashing text and have basic LiveJournal templates. Between that and faking some financial records for Jibraan, it's now just a matter of fifteen minutes of backdating it all before she's done. Tony picks up a printout and returns to Jibraan to remove his gag, with the predictable dire warnings of what will happen if Jibraan yells for help. Jibraan, no dummy, asks why they're trying to make him look like a terrorist. Tony only tells Jibraan one thing: "If you don't do exactly as I say, you're going to watch your younger brother die right in front of your eyes. And then I'm going to kill you," he adds, tapping Jibraan on the forehead. However, Tony claims, they might live if Jibraan plays ball. Tony gives Jibraan the printout, telling him he'll need to read it to a video camera. The moment he glances at the text, Jibraan balks, so Tony cocks his gun and goes over to Hamid to show he means business. Jibraan gives in. "I'll give you five minutes to look that over," Tony tells Jibraan. Sadly, it's looking like Jibraan is going to be spending that five minutes crying. That's some severe stage fright right there.

At FBI-DC, Chloe informs Kiefer that the CTU servers are not only up and running, but have already completed a full scan of whatever it is they scan. The bad news is they came up empty. Apparently all the terrorists are taking the day off. After a moment's thought, Kiefer tells her to widen the parameters to include all Muslims in the Washington, D.C. area, particularly employees of the government or of possible terror targets. He continues going on in this vein until Janis interrupts: "Excuse me, has anybody heard of racial profiling?" What's it been, eight minutes since the last time Kiefer screamed at her? Sitting nearby, Walker tries to shut Janis down, but Kiefer says Janis is right. He walks over to her and uses a very civilized tone of voice as he agrees, and claims not to like it any more than she does. "But Hodges told me specifically that he was going to utilize Muslim extremists in an effort to offload the blame for this attack. I need to know who he's working with and we're running out of time. I don't know a better way of doing this. So if you do, please tell me now." Janis doesn't, so Kiefer thanks her sincerely for helping out. I like that approach better than his usual high-handed insistence that "this is the only way." Terminal illness agrees with him, apparently. He turns back to Chloe to continue giving her instructions, when he suddenly pulls a Memento in mid-sentence. She reminds him they were talking about INS records, and after he agrees and tells her to get on that, he excuses himself. It must be hard for him to have to ditch out a couple of times an hour to give himself a shot, after all these years of never even being able to pee. Back by the servers, Chloe asks Janis what's going on with Kiefer. "He's doing pretty well, considering," Janis says, not realizing that Kiefer hasn't told her. Walker gently informs Chloe that Kiefer was infected, and how it happened. "He probably didn't want you to worry," Walker says, not even knowing Chloe well enough to realize that for her, "worry" means "commence an annoying, mission-threatening scene." Ah, and here she goes, already storming off in search of Kiefer.

She finds him around the corner, just sitting down at a table for his latest shot. She sits down across from him and asks why he didn't tell her. He says it doesn't matter. "We need to stay focused on finding Tony." There's the usual exchange about how he should be in the hospital, to which he gives the usual reply that there's no treatment or cure. She asks how long, and he tells her a day or two. Her face crumples and tears start to spill down it as he gives himself the injection and explains to her what it's for. He quietly tells her he's accepted it, and she needs to as well. "Whatever time I've got left, I want it to matter. We need to find Tony. Put an end to this." She doesn't move, so he takes her hand and whispers in Full Velvet, "I can't do this without you." That convinces her to get back to work. And any number of shippers to fire up their laptops. And their computers.

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