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The DC cops and paramedics have arrived pretty quickly outside the Korean grocery that disguises Dubaku's ex-hideout. Walker runs out to the sidewalk, orders the cops to keep everyone out, and leads the EMTs through the store to the back stairs. "It's Henry Taylor, the president's husband," she informs them, "but that information is not to be disseminated, clear?" Why are you yelling it, then, brain trust?

Down in the basement back room, Kiefer is telling Henry not to try to speak. Which I'm sure is just what Henry wants to hear right now, after Agent Gedge said the same thing to him just a few hours ago. For different reasons, of course, but still. Kiefer's also apparently trying to knit Henry's wounds with his bare hands. When the EMTs come in and move Kiefer aside so they can strap FGOTUS to a gurney, Kiefer tasks Walker with searching the computers in the hideout for clues to Dubaku's whereabouts. Kiefer nobly takes the suckier job for himself: calling the president.

In the Oval Office, Ethan's telling Taylor and her poufier new post-writers'-strike hairdo to keep her chin up, but she's not hopeful about Dubaku keeping Henry alive since he knows she screwed him. Kiefer's call comes in, and he quickly tells her that Henry's alive but shot, and it's too early to tell what's going to happen to him. Well, given Henry's luck so far today, I think it's reasonable to assume that his ambulance will get broadsided by a dirigible, whereupon he will be thrown clear, only to land in either a hornets' nest or a bear trap. Buchanan chimes in to ask about Dubaku, and Kiefer responds that he wasn't in the house when they arrived. Kiefer says that now that Dubaku's out of cards to play, he's more than likely trying to leave the country, and they have no way of knowing how. "Unfortunately all his men were killed during the assault," Kiefer explains. "Were killed?" Well, shit, how did that happen? He says he and Walker will stick around and search for clues, but Dubaku probably already has a plan. "Whatever we're going to do, we're going to have to do it fast." Taylor thanks Kiefer and hangs up, as Henry gets wheeled out of there.

With the call over, Taylor briskly says that she's off to the hospital. Ethan tells her, politely but firmly, that ain't happening. "You're executing a military invasion." Taylor says her generals can manage that just fine without her. Ethan then argues that they already know the Secret Service has been compromised, so they can't trust her safety to them outside the White House. She doesn't give a shit: "Either find me someone to take me to the hospital or I'll drive there myself." Buchanan steps up and offers to take care of her security for now. Which is ballsy, considering he just got two Secret Service agents killed less than ten minutes ago. Ethan says that Buchanan's not exactly credentialed, but Buchanan insists that with Dubaku still at large, they don't know who in the government is working for him, and that includes the Secret Service. Nobody points out that at least there are two fewer corrupt Secret Service agents than there were a few hours ago. "But I can trust you?" Taylor asks Buchanan. Buchanan points out that since he was the one who brought the conspiracy to her attention in the first place, he would hope so. That would be one heck of a double-bluff. He gets her to agree to reinstate his clearances, put him in charge of vetting White House staff (Ethan's got to be thinking, I'm standing right here), and let him bring someone into the FBI to provide Larry Moss with tactical support. That would be Chloe, obviously. Annoyed, Ethan asks if there's anyone who can handle all this without all the reinstating that Buchanan's plan is going to require, but Buchanan insists that Moss can't trust his own people right now. After some more logistical discussion around coordinating all this with the Secret Service boss, Taylor gives Buchanan the green light, and he's off to organize her ride to the hospital. Ethan tries to talk Taylor out of this some more, but she ends the discussion by changing the subject to Dubaku. "He has killed scores of Americans today. He tried to kill my husband and has corrupted our government. Whatever it takes, I want that son of a bitch found." Ooh, such salty language!

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