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End of the Line
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Tonight in the previouslies freeze-frames: Kim Bauer, Olivia Taylor, Tony Almeida, and Jack Bauer. Which is not very many considering how long these previouslies are.

Finally, we're into the show. The Faux-yer is on her cell phone to Alan Wilson, watching the goings-on in the containment chamber she's standing outside and relaying them to Wilson: "The canister's being retrofitted to maximize dispersion. We're on target to release the bioweapon at Washington Central Station within the hour." As for my concerns in last week's recap that setting it off in a subway station is the terror-attack equivalent of a fart in a jar, she claims that the station's ventilation system will circulate it. "Between eight and ten thousand commuters will be exposed." As long as they start their days really early. Wilson asks about Al-Zarian, who the Faux-yer assures him is behaving and largely ignorant of the details of what they're trying to do. After they hang up, the hazmat-suited guy working in the containment chamber squirts a few puffs of vapor out of the canister and reports, "The trigger mechanism's working." But how much pathogen did he just release to test that? Perhaps the estimate should be lowered to six or seven thousand.

Inside that parked van where Tony took Jibraan last hour, he rigs him with an earpiece/homing device. Jibraan again asks what's expected of him, and Tony tells him to just get on the subway and ride the Red Line to Washington Center. Jibraan, no dummy, has figured out by now that he's going to be blamed for something, so Tony reminds him about Hamid. "You do something stupid, and he dies. Badly." He repeats the instructions and helps Jibraan out of the van, then sends him walking to the subway entrance to the "Woodward Metro Station" on the corner. Jibraan gives Tony one last hangdog look and descends. Tony climbs back into the van and fires up a little JPS device (that's my abbreviation for "Jibraan Positioning System"). I never understand why people on this show always wait until the target leaves before making sure the tracking works. One day someone's going to forget to turn something on and end up feeling really stupid.

The Faux-yer throws on a heavy black wig and a pair of nerdy-babe glasses, because in addition to being a bad-ass freelance covert operative, she's also a big Alias fan. She then pops the rigged canister into a nice, sturdy duffel bag. Good thing they spent all that time working on the canister to "maximize dispersion." Now even the hidden interior pocket will be fully exposed.

At Jibraan's apartment, Kiefer apologetically uncuffs Hamid and promises to find his brother. Then he returns to the other room, where the goon Hamid stabbed in the neck is lying on Jibraan's dining room table. Kiefer suggests that Gohar, the imam who's now inside the apartment, but just standing around doing nothing, go to the other room to have a talk with Hamid, mainly because he wants him out of there for what's about to happen. As for the small army of FBI agents it took to bust in here, it looks like they've already cleared out. Kiefer crosses to Walker and says Hamid doesn't know anything. "Right now, he's our only lead," Kiefer says, indicating the wounded and bloodied man lying behind him. Uh-oh. Dude, the only worse thing to be on this show than a Handsome Black Agent is Kiefer's Only Lead. That EMT who's been following Kiefer around all day is back again, and we get a glimpse at his nametag, "Waltrip," which explains how he's been able to keep up with our hero all day. He's about to give Kiefer's Only Lead some morphine, but Kiefer roughly jerks the hand with the syringe away and pushes the paramedic back. He's going to put someone's eye out like that, but at least it'll be painless. Kiefer then pulls the rough rag-bandage away from the man's seeping wound and invites Walker to leave the room. "Do what you need to do," she says. Kiefer asks the man about the target and Tony's whereabouts, and when KOL claims not to know, Kiefer sticks a thumb in his neck-hole for him. Oddly, his screaming doesn't bring the imam running from the other room. Kiefer seems to believe the man when he says he can't answer Kiefer's questions, but when he also denies having a way to contact Tony, the thumb goes in again. Finally KOL admits to having a phone number. "But I'm not supposed to use it unless there's a problem." Oh, okay, let's wait for one to arise, then. Kiefer gets KOL's phone from the other paramedic, and gives the EMT Waltrip permission to drug him "enough to take the pain out of his voice. Nothing more." That's a very precise dosage. He hands his phone to Walker so she can call Chloe and have her set up a trace. While he's waiting on that, he warns KOL not to mess with him. Otherwise he'll have Waltrip give him just enough morphine to make him impotent, or something.

Back at FBI-DC, Janis answers Walker's call, and offers to do the trace instead of Chloe. "Jack asked for Chloe to run point on this," Walker says. Sitting next to Janis and listening in on the extension, Chloe tips the crushed Janis a smug smile and gets the number from Walker. Then she starts technobabbling with Janis, but also browbeating her over her technological inferiority. "It's obvious I'll never be able to do things as well as you did at CTU," Janis finally says. "All I ask is that you not make me feel like a idiot while you're pointing that out." "All right," Chloe lies. By now the trace is ready. While Kiefer holds his own phone to his ear so he can be on with Chloe, he has KOL recite Tony's number for him. Kiefer dials it on KOL's phone and then holds it to the man's ear. Try not to get blood on it, Kiefer.

When Tony answers the call (rather rudely, I'd say), KOL spins a story about one of the bank transfers on Jibraan's account not going through. "Are you getting this?" Walker asks Chloe from across the room. Luckily, Tony doesn't hear her. Chloe says she's running into some kind of block on Tony's phone. Tony, meanwhile, tells KOL to call someone to fix the transfer and asks, "Any other problems?" "No," the guy says, because Kiefer trained him well. End of call. The bad news is that all Chloe had time to find out is that Tony's somewhere in the Adams Morgan district, and she doesn't know how long it'll take her to do all the technobabbling necessary to narrow it down. Kiefer's frustrated with her being such an American't, and tells Janis to call Metro PD to get Hazmat and Tactical to the Adams Morgan district. Where, I presume, they'll just sort or circle around. Kiefer and Walker leave Jibraan's apartment in a hurry.

At 5:10:52, Jibraan makes his way through the subway station. Before approaching the ticket booth, however, he takes out the earpiece. "I need you to call the police," he quietly tells the disinterested female vendor behind the ticket window. She's not so much alarmed as annoyed and confused by the crazy Middle-Eastern-looking man, even when he looks significantly at his closed fist and says, "They're listening." She starts to look like she's taking him more seriously as Jibraan explains, as quickly as he can, that terrorists have his brother and want him to get on the train. Finally she waves over a Nebraska farm boy of a transit cop waiting nearby, and Jibraan lets the officer guide him off to one side. Jibraan starts to explain again about his brother being held hostage, and the cop says, "Put the earpiece back in." Okay, that's kind of awesome. They're everywhere! Jibraan replaces the earpiece, and Tony's not as mad as you might think once he's back in Jibraan's ear. "Listen, Jibraan, I understand that you had to try. But don't do it again. Your brother's life depends on it." A thoroughly defeated Jibraan promises to be good from now on, and remembers his instructions. "We'll be watching," Tony reminds him. "We're always watching." With that, the transit cop hands Jibraan a DC Metro Pass card. I like that extra touch of implied omnipotence, but whether the cop's dirty or just

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