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The freeze frames in this week's previouslies feature President Allison Taylor, Colonel Ike Dubaku, Marika Donoso, and Jack Bauer. I do like it when the previouslies turn into a game of "pick the next corpse."

Sean sits at his desk, peering around creepily with his headset on. What's he listening to? Moss, on the phone with Metro Police, is trying to quickly revoke the warrant that was issued on Kiefer and Walker. By Sean. Suddenly Erica stomps up to Sean's desk, brandishing some papers that prove that Sean issued the warrant. Oops, someone's getting careless. She's talking louder and louder as she demands to know what's going on, so Sean tells her to cool it. "You want to get us caught?" Ah, so she's in on it too. As he walks her over to the break room, he tells her why he sent the warrant: to keep Kiefer and Walker from catching Dubaku, which would result in their exposure. Erica's still worried, but Sean assures her that he'll be out of the country by the time Kiefer and Walker are cut loose. As he gets her a drink out of the fridge, she asks why he didn't tell her this before. I'm expecting Sean to explain that he was protecting Erica by giving her deniability, but instead he says, "Because I knew you'd react like this. Last thing I need right now is one of your meltdowns." Ah, yes, I overestimated Sean's charm. Again. "I got you into this, and I'm gonna get you out, but not if you start panicking." On the way back to her desk, he assures her he's got it all under control, with his untraceable phone tap and everything. "Sit at your station, try and act normal. Let me worry about Bauer and Renee." I hope she can manage all three of those things at once.

Kiefer and Walker are just getting stuffed into a squad car despite their protests. Walker says that this means one of Dubaku's moles issued the warrants, which means Dubaku knows about Marika, which means he'll kill her as soon as she arrives. She's bitterly regretting using Marika like this, but Kiefer insists she was their only asset. "She's not an asset, Jack, she's a human being," Walker snaps. Kiefer looks at her like she's a crazy person. Or a crazy asset, as the case may be.

Marika is just now arriving in her chauffeured car at the alley where Dubaku and his driver are waiting. She manages a smile and remembers to call him "Samuel," as opposed to "Iké" or "Colonel" or "Butcher of Euclid Street," but he's not fooled. When he roughly drags her from the car and smashes her cell phone on the ground, she can't conceal the look of busted-osity that results. She tries to make a run for it, but Dubaku quickly grabs her and pushes her against the side of the building, angrily saying he trusted her and demanding, "How could you do this to me?" That's a good one. Haul her into relationship court, Colonel, and see how things go. Marika says she knows who he is, and she saw the proof. "They showed you lies created by my enemies!" Dubaku says. "You don't know me and you don't know my country. I brought peace to Sangala!" So all the pretense about who he is? He just dropped it like a ten-year-old off the upper deck of a soccer stadium. Marika's terrified that Dubaku's about to kill her, but Dubaku says he's "a forgiving man" and still wants her to come with him. Wow, he's got it bad for her. Naturally, Marika refuses. But Dubaku insists, "If you look past your fear, you will see that I am still the man that you fell in love with." Just with more massacres. Tears spill from her eyes as she agrees to accompany him. Dubaku kisses her and promises, "You won't be disappointed." As he leads her to his own waiting SUV, he's more right than he thinks.

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