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Spawn to the Rescue!
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This hour's previouslies freeze-frames: Olivia Taylor, Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, and that's it. That's a very idiot-daughter-heavy previouslies sequence.

At this late hour, Cisco has apparently realized it's not getting its product-placement money's worth this season, so suddenly Olivia Taylor is about to have a video teleconference with the Deputy Attorney General via TelePresence. Too bad the Justice Department isn't based in Washington, D.C., or they could maybe do this in person. The Deputy AG introduces a couple of sidekicks and assures Olivia that her questioning is only a formality before getting going. With a suspect pool smaller than that of your average Agatha Christie novel, he's either lying or stupid.

Taylor and Tim are about to enter a briefing in the Situation Room, but Taylor is wondering where her daughter is. Tim explains that Olivia is, as they say, assisting the Deputy Attorney General with his enquiries into the murder of Jonas Hodges. Tim has to admit that they aren't any closer to finding a suspect, but still maintains that it had to be an internal leak. Taylor enters the briefing and wishes everyone good morning. "I realize that we are all in dire need of sleep," she says, but says she wanted to bring everyone up to speed. While some slick computer graphics zip around on the big screen, Taylor explains to them about the conspiracy that Hodges told her about. Which she apparently thinks is going to do something else in the next few hours. "We don't have much actionable intelligence at this point," she admits. "Then why can't we go home and sleep?" nobody asks.

Tony's prisoner transfer convoy is in motion; the van has not only four vehicles surrounding it on the otherwise empty freeway, but a helicopter escort overhead as well. Into Kiefer's ear through his cell phone earpiece, the Faux-yer tells Kiefer that his chance to bust Tony out is coming up. "You'll need to commandeer the van and peel onto the Taft Street exit in about four miles. I'll direct you further once you've managed this. Remember, my operatives are with your daughter. In fact, I'm looking at her right now, so don't try to be a hero." Wonder why they're going so far out of their way to establish that Spawn is on camera?

It's 6:05:12, as the airport departure gate where Spawn is waiting is getting more populated. She worries about getting on the flight, being on standby and all, but the "husband" of her new "friend" (honestly, I'm just going to have to start calling those two "Bob" and "Smiley") assures her she'll get on. "There have to be some people that are too spooked to fly after those planes went down yesterday," Bob points out. Smiley has just finished remonstrating with Bob for being ghoulish when a guy standing next to his aged mother asks Bob to move the stuff from the chair next to him -- including the webcam-equipped laptop that until now was pointing at Spawn. While he's doing that, his hair shifts aside and Spawn notices a bloody scratch on his neck, which is odd because it didn't look like Agent Franks got a piece of him in their a href="http://brilliantbutcancelled.com/show/24/day_7_500_am_-_600_am_3.php?page=10">scuffle last hour. "That must have happened when the door hit you getting out of the cab," Smiley says, as though that makes any sense at all. I mean, unless he customarily gets out of cabs by using a trapeze, that's a worse cover story than none at all. He pretends he's going off in search of band-aids. Spawn almost looks suspicious. Or just worried about getting on the flight. Or trying to remember when there's going to be another scene where she has a line.

At 6:06:17, the Faux-yer pulls her SUV over inside a busy roadway tunnel, which is not at all conspicuous. As she gets out to wait next to her car, she answers a call from Bob who's worried about Agent Franks's body being found. "And I think Bauer's daughter's getting suspicious," he adds. That's because he doesn't know her. If Spawn were suspicious, she'd already be running all over the terminal with her boobs all a-jangle. The Faux-yer tells him to sit tight until he hears from her, promising it won't be long. She says that if things do go wrong, "You can't allow yourself to be taken. Do what you have to do." Whoa, did The Group just become a suicide cult?

From his position in front of the transport van's cargo area, Kiefer can see through a grate leading into the driver's seat and thence through the windshield. That's how he sees the sign for the upcoming Taft Avenue Exit. Tony looks at him with exaggerated blankness, if you can imagine such a thing, so he's clearly aware of the plan. I don't know how he got it in place so quickly, almost as though he knew he'd be captured. Plus he managed to not only hire a couple of operatives with a fully charged laptop, but get them to buy themselves plane tickets so they could get to the gate and stalk Spawn. And that's not even taking into the account the part where he managed to get Spawn's flight delayed. I guess becoming evil gives you superhuman multitasking skills.

Kiefer asks Walker for her comm unit, claiming it's interfering with his. She hands it over, not paying any attention to him while he takes out its batteries, until he pulls his gun and crouches where he can have a shot at both Walker and the other agent in the back of the van. Then he's got her attention. Tony just sits there, acting so cool that the blood on his face from Kiefer's beating last hour is actually evaporating. Kiefer tells the driver to keep going. Walker's shocked as Kiefer demands her and the other agent's guns, but she voices her disbelief that he'll kill anyone. So he shoots the other agent in the foot. Dammit, Kiefer, that's no way to kill someone. Still, that gets them to hand over their guns. Kiefer points one at the driver, making him cuff himself to the steering wheel and telling him exactly when to exit the freeway. The van loses the escort cars as it dives onto the ramp at Kiefer's instruction. From above, the helicopter escort asks what's happening, but of course Walker's off comm now so she's no help. Back at FBI-DC, Janis and Chloe look confused, and Janis also tries to raise Walker. She can't answer Janis either, so she asks Kiefer why he's doing this. "They've got my daughter," Kiefer says. He explains about the paid FBI stalker being dead, and the operatives from The Group who are with Spawn right now. "Jack, that's enough!" Tony snaps. Yeah, he knows the plan so well he doesn't even want to hear about it again. Kiefer asks the Faux-yer for more instructions, and she directs them toward the tunnel where she's waiting. Of course the helicopter can't follow them there, because this isn't Mission: Impossible.. At least not this hour. Kiefer has the van's driver pull in behind the Faux-yer's SUV. Walker tries futilely to talk Kiefer out of this, but he just makes her uncuff Tony, who in turn cuffs the other agent while Kiefer cuffs Walker. While he's doing that, he whispers in her ear, "They have a camera on Kim." Which he has no reason to tell Walker except that it's necessary to the plot later, which is probably why he compromises by muttering it so that I have to rewind him three times. "I don't trust Tony to let her go," he adds. "Please, I am begging you, do whatever you have to to save her." Is he really in a position to be asking her for favors right now? Before getting out of the van, Tony makes Kiefer hand him the gun and handcuff himself. There were a lot of handcuffs in that van, weren't there? One wonders about the driver's off-hours proclivities.

The Faux-yer isn't happy to see two guys coming toward her from the van instead of one. "What are you bringing Bauer for?" she demands. Kiefer tells Tony to let Spawn go, but Tony just makes him get in the car. While he's sitting in there, the Faux-yer says they need to "Shoot him already and let's get out of here." But Tony says he has an idea: The Group can still launch its biological attack, even without the canister. "We have Jack," he says. "The pathogen's in his bl

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