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Everything Changes
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The previouslies contain a lot of stuff we really don't need to know, given that the season is essentially starting over this hour. But the episode is only so long and there are always a few minutes at the beginning that still need killing.

Dubaku appears stabilized in the ICU, plus there are now a couple of other FBI agents there to keep him safe. Making him even safer is the fact that neither of those FBI agents is Renee Walker. As an orderly starts to pull a laundry tub into the curtain area, the agents stop him, take a cursory glance at the ID badge hanging from his scrubs, and let him through. He's got an ID badge, after all, so obviously he's legit. In the foreground, a nurse answers a phone call that she says is from a doctor, and calls another nurse over to handle it. Of course the doctor isn't actually on the other end of the line, but while the nurse is thus distracted, the orderly sneakily produces a syringe from the pocket of his scrubs, which he shoots unnoticed into Dubaku's arm. Dubaku begins seizing seconds later, and the nurse calls a Code Blue. One of the FBI agents pages Walker, while nobody bothers to have a word with the orderly who was there when it happened. Or with the nurse who's clearly in on it as well.

CNB news is reporting that the U.S. invasion of Sangala is, in a word, "decisive." In the sense that it's almost over already. I also notice that the news crawl is telling viewers about the two airplanes that nearly collided at JFK. Man, that seems like months ago. Taylor and Ethan are watching from the Oval Office, along with Admiral Smith from the Joint Chiefs. By the way, CNB refers to General Benjamin Juma as the "Sangalese leader," which doesn't clear things up any. But they've got video of him, looking evil in his red beret as he glowers at the camera and claims that his men are repelling the U.S. invasion. "We survived your slave ships. We will survive your warships, too." Oh, thanks for bringing that old business up, Ben. That hurts me. That hurts me right here. Taylor turns off the TV and wonders when the video was made. Given how divorced the message is from reality, Admiral Smith thinks it was made in advance, which of course raises the question of where Juma is now. Smith says the search is on, but they have intel that Juma has already left Sangala. You think? Taylor climbs all over Smith's ass, telling him to find Juma, wherever he is. She's gotten pretty used to people getting found when she wants them found today, hasn't she?

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