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Kill Bi-- Never Mind, He'll Do It Himself
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Tonight's previouslies freeze-frames feature Jack Bauer, Bill Buchanan, Vice President Mitchell Hayworth, General Benjamin Juma, and President Allison Taylor. I'm pretty sure that's Buchanan's first freeze-frame since he was introduced in Season Four. I'm also pretty sure that means he's fucked.

The Veep's "secure location" now includes a conference room with a big-screen TV on the wall. CNB has replaced their on-scene personnel from last hour with a real reporter, who has the Veep's rapt attention as long as he's talking about the Veep. But when the Veep's assistant, Derek, joins the other people in the room (And the reporter changes the subject), Hayworth mutes the TV so his assistant can tell him that Larry Moss is still agitating to launch an attack on the White House to try and rescue the president. But since Moss doesn't have anything new to report, like any proof of whether Taylor is in the lockdown room or in Juma's clutches, the Veep still isn't budging. And his accent hasn't improved any, either.

Inside the White House hallway, Taylor and Olivia are crouched on the floor together, having a tearful reunion. Olivia is apologizing for hurting her mom and cutting her out of her life. "You were right to fire me off the campaign. I felt so betrayed I turned my back on you." Even when her brother died? That's cold. She begs for forgiveness, which Taylor says she gave a long time ago. Then she whispers into Olivia's ear that they'll be okay. "Just keep your eyes open and be ready." That was smart, not telling her that there might be a way to get out of this until she's already apologized.

One of Juma's men pulls Taylor away, despite Olivia's noisy protests. As they take her around the corner to an adjoining area of the hallway, Kiefer whispers to Buchanan, "We need to make a move to try to save the president." He's got a plan already in place, in the form of five natural gas canisters he found in the lockdown room, for I guess if the president ever has to be locked in there so long that she needs to cook something on a camp stove. Anyway, before he opened the door, Kiefer opened the valves on the tanks, and the lockdown room door is still open while the room fills with CH4. And no one's going to smell the gas? Well, not if it's natural natural gas, without that artificial "natural gas" smell added. Better for the environment that way, until the environment gets blown to shit. Kiefer says all they'll need to do is set the gas off, which will "take out most of Juma's men." That is going to have to be a magical explosion, since most of Juma's men aren't positioned anywhere near as close to the open doorway as most of the hostages are. But at least he's got a plan for how to ignite it. Kiefer says he'll make a run for the door, and when Juma's men take a shot at him, that should do the trick. "All we need is one stray bullet." Buchanan tells him it's suicide, but Kiefer tells him it's their only choice. He tells Buchanan to take advantage of the ensuing confusion to secure Taylor, who already knows about the plan and will be ready. "What are you planning?" Senator Mayer butts in from behind Kiefer. They both freeze him out. "Senator, shut up!" Kiefer hisses. Why couldn't he have just said that during the hearings this morning?

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