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Mayer, Mayer Not
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We've got Bill Buchanan, President Allison Taylor, FBI Agent Renee Walker, Jonas Hodges, and Jack Bauer in tonight's previouslies freeze-frames. What are they going to do, kill Buchanan again?

Still dodging the cops that have been called to the hospital to bust him for killing Ryan Burnett, Kiefer reaches the hospital parking lot and ducks behind a black Metallicar to wait for the sirens to pass. When he happens to peek into the car's window, he spots a laptop, half-covered on the front seat. Which is just asking for trouble, Winchesters, honestly. Sure enough, Kiefer provides it, by elbowing the back window out and hot-wiring the car. He's on the move, behind the wheel of some classic American muscle. Good luck catching him in that, FBI. Plus he's got a laptop now.

Morris O'Brian is now at FBI-DC, wanting to know where the hell his wife is. Good question; we haven't seen her for a few hours ourselves. Janis reminds him that they've kind of been dealing with various emergencies, which of course is exactly why Morris is worried. Janis says Chloe is fine, and when Morris asks where she is, Janis says that she's in holding, having been, uh, arrested. Obviously that doesn't satisfy Morris, but Janis can't tell him any more than she has, so she has a security guy park him in the conference room until Moss gets back. For a moment I wonder why Morris stops asking questions, but he probably figures, oh, Kiefer went rogue and Chloe helped him again. It's not like Chloe ever gets arrested for anything else. Meanwhile, does Kiefer even know or care that Chloe's in stir? Last time he talked to her was when he was on his way to go torture Ryan Burnett. I guess he's had other things on his mind. But back to the scene currently on our screens, in which Janis scampers back to her desk. As she gets word that Moss is on the phone for her, Walker is sitting next to the desk of another agent, who's going through her suspension forms with her. Who knew the FBI did exit interviews around the clock? And I must say, for someone who took a dip in the Potomac just a couple of hours ago, her hair looks fabulous. She's only half paying attention, because she's watching across the floor when Janis picks up the call from Moss. Not that she's going to be able to hear any of the conversation, which begins thusly: "Ryan Burnett is dead," Moss tells Janis. "You're saying that Bauer killed Burnett?" Janis asks. Moss admits that he doesn't know. "I lost him, Janis. I lost him and it's on me to find him." Janis's crush on Moss has been played so comparatively subtly this season that I may be the only one aware of it (including the show itself), but you don't have to be a shipper to hear it in her voice when she calmly asks what he needs. He tells her to follow up on the APB he already sent out, and climbs on the helicopter so he can return to the office and coordinate the search from there. Janis hangs up and relays the order. She turns around to find Walker in her face, wanting to know what Kiefer got from Burnett. Janis is reluctant to talk to a suspended agent about this, but she tells Walker what she knows -- which isn't much, obviously -- and says she needs to get back to work. After all, she has plans this evening and was hoping to get out of here by midnight. At 9:05:04, Walker wanders off, looking rather confused.

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