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Nuclear Family Meltdown
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In tonight's previouslies freeze-frames: President Omar Hassan, Kayla Hassan, President Allison Taylor, Dana Walsh, Sergei Bazhaev, Renee Walker, and Jack Bauer. Looks like Hassan's daughter is about to find herself with a lot more to do.

Dana finds a quiet hallway to call Kevin and ask where the hell he is. She reaches him at a strip club, and he apologizes for not calling as soon as they were clear, like he said. She should get used to him not keeping his promises anyway. "We got caught up celebrating our score," he says, clearly over the part where Nick assaulted a police officer. He steps away to the bar to continue the conversation as Dana brings up that little factor. "Why you gotta focus on the negative?" Kevin asks, and invites her to join them at Starlight in Jersey City so she can get her cut. Dana of course wants no part of that; she just wants her apartment key back in her mailbox and him out of her life. "Yeah, that's not gonna happen," Kevin says. Dana reminds him they had a deal, and he actually seems to feel kind of guilty as he says they can get rich doing this. Then Nick comes over, grabs the phone and explains the new dynamic for their little partnership. In fact, the first words he has ever said to her are, "Look, bitch!" He takes over from Kevin on the blackmailing tip, and yells, "You're going to be our golden goose, okay?" And then he hangs up. Charming. But at least he asked if it was okay.

As the call ends, Arlo finds Dana in the hallway, and wants to know what's going on with her already. "Who was that?" he demands. "Kevin?" Dana is stunned, and asks if he's spying on her. At least Arlo only thinks Dana is cheating on Cole, but he threatens to tell him if she won't. That out of the way, he leads her back to the floor, updating her on how Kiefer got himself nabbed by Russians whom they now can't track.

We catch up with Cole, still at Vladimir's garage and explaining over the phone to Hastings why that is: they found the underground exit the Russians took, but the trail goes cold at a drainage junction. Hastings asks him if Walker saw anything, and as Cole looks over to where she and her jimmy-leg are getting attended to by a paramedic, he says she's "pretty messed-up," blaming herself for what happened. Hastings completely agrees with that last part. "Without Vladimir Laitanan, we have no lead to finding Bauer or the nuclear materials." He wants Cole to bring her back to CTU for debriefing, and Cole suggests a psych evaluation as well. A few hours too late for that, I'd say.

Hastings sees that Dana's back on the floor, and asks what was keeping her from monitoring chatter with the NSA like she was supposed to be doing. Chloe steps in and takes the blame, saying Dana had to fix one of Chloe's technobabble-related screw-ups. Hastings is satisfied with that story, probably because it includes Chloe screwing up, and slouches off to update President Taylor. As soon as he's gone, Dana thanks Chloe for covering. "You can thank me by putting aside whatever it is that's bothering you and helping me find Jack," Chloe says. "He's my friend and he's in trouble." Dana settles down to work, while Arlo looks disappointed that he didn't just get to watch a big blow-out. Dick.


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