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Uranium? MY-ranium!
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Tonight's previouslies freeze-frames: Renee Walker, Cole Ortiz (for the first time), Dana Walsh, Sergei Bazhaev, and Jack Bauer. Apparently there were no presidents in the previous hour, and there won't be any in this one either.

At the wheel of a Mercedes van, Josef pulls up to a loading dock and takes a look at the case behind him holding the rods before opening the door and hopping out. Quite a little jump down for him, there. He's the only person present, even though we just saw Farhad having a little party on this very spot just a few minutes ago. I hope for Josef's sake that this isn't one of those parts of town filled with roaming street gangs looking for people to rob of their unsecured nuclear materials. Although gangbangers with The Bomb would certainly be a departure for the rest of this season.

Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, preparations are being made for Bazhaev to call Josef, with Kiefer and CTU also on the line so Chloe can triangulate the other end of the call. Kiefer dials Josef's cell phone number. Josef answers, thinking it's the belated Farhad, but even when he hears his father's voice, he listens to him for some reason as Bazhaev tells him not to hang up. Bazhaev doesn't play any games, saying that he knows Josef has the rods, and so do the authorities. Kiefer cuts in to introduce himself and say he's there with Bazhaev. "Do what you want with him, I don't care," Josef says coldly. Ooh, that's got to sting. Earlier this month my five-year-old kept threatening not to give me my Valentine until summer, so I know exactly how Bazhaev feels right now. Kiefer says Bazhaev cares enough about Josef to have made an immunity deal for him if he brings the rods in. Josef brings up the Oleg debacle, and Kiefer, even though he knows all about it, has to listen to the two Bazhaevs argue about that for a bit until Bazhaev insists that it's all over anyway. "If you don't bring the rods in they will hunt you down. They will kill you, Josef. I won't be able to protect you!" You know, like he protected Oleg. Josef seems almost convinced, and after a long pause, Kiefer says they need to hurry before Farhad gets there. Bazhaev tells Josef to move, and Josef, having gotten the message, says he's on his way. Just then we see that Josef is already being observed from a nearby rooftop, by a guy with a sniper rifle. "Careful with the rods," Farhad warns softly at the sniper's shoulder. Josef spots the red laser sighting dot on the van in front of him, then turns just in time to catch it-- and the bullet that follows -- in the heart. "Sounded like shots fired," Hastings obviouses. Bazhaev begs Kiefer to help Josef, but he doesn't know where Josef is, and Chloe hasn't completed the call trace beyond narrowing it down to somewhere in Central Queens near Flushing Meadows Park. Hastings dispatches units to that area and orders Kiefer to bring Bazhaev back to CTU. Wonder if his immunity still applies if they don't get the rods?

Somewhere in Central Queens, near Flushing Meadows Park, Farhad's party comes running up to where Josef lies dead behind the van, but with his cell phone open on the pavement and still very much alive. With the line still open, Kiefer and the people listening in from CTU can clearly hear Farhad saying they need to hurry up and get to the boat waiting for them at the port. Would he mind also telling the people at home which port, and which boat, and which roads they plan to take? But then Farhad's sidekick, Samir, says that probably won't work any more anyway: "The authorities know our plan. We need a new one." Farhad turns to a henchman who looks about to pry open the lid of the case holding the rods and snaps, in whatever language they speak in Kamistan when they're not speaking English to each other, "Hey, what are you doing? Don't touch that." Belatedly, Samir spots Josef's phone and stomps on it, then everyone climbs into the van while Hastings tells Kiefer they're already checking voice prints to try to identify the people they overheard. I think they can probably narrow it down pretty quickly. Kiefer and the other agents are leading Bazhaev to the waiting CTUmobiles at 12:06:02.

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