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Out of Time
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No more "previously on 24", which is ironic considering that everything that ever happened on 24 -- ever -- is about to be "previous." But events still occur in real time, for one more hour. Let's do this, and hope to God things don't end with a zombie prom.

Suvarov continues his speech to the press gaggle in the U.N., pouring out a rhetorical 40 for Omar Hassan. He wraps up by saying he extends "the open hand of friendship to my partners in peace: President Taylor, President Hassan. Thank you very much." He's the only president who gets to speak (I guess the ladies had their turn earlier), and the minute he's done, Dalia can't get off the podium and out of there fast enough. "It appears I'm not the only one who does not want to be here," Suvarov quietly observes to Taylor. Taylor reminds Suvarov that "her husband was killed six hours ago." "Is that why she refuses to look at me?" Suvarov asks. Well, derr. When Taylor doesn't answer, Suvarov realizes that Dalia knows the truth. Taylor explains that Dalia heard it from a reporter, and when she came to Taylor, "I told her the truth." Yeah, that's not quite how I remember that happening. Suvarov marvels that Dalia's still here, under the circumstances. "Mrs. Hassan understands the benefits of peace," Taylor claims, sounding more like Logan every time she opens her mouth. "Because you helped her come to that understanding?" Suvarov ventures. They're interrupted by a Russian flunky with a phone call for Suvarov. "Must have been very convincing," Suvarov fishes. Taylor snaps, "Take your call, Yuri," and walks off. In Russian, the flunky tells Suvarov that it's Logan calling, and saying it's urgent. Suvarov is clearly not all that interested in talking to Logan right now, probably because it's Logan's fault he's even in the U.S. right now, but he takes the call anyway. Apparently, in the international community, Charles Logan is that annoying neighbor who moved away but still keeps calling you and whinging for favors.

Over his desk phone with his open cell phone in his hand so Kiefer can still hear him, Logan tells Suvarov that he needs to come up to his suite, and when Suvarov protests, Logan tells him to trust him. Because that always goes well for everyone. He claims Suvarov has a leak, and Suvarov reluctantly agrees to come up for a visit. Oh, Yuri, just put your foot down and tell Logan he can't borrow a squadron of MiG fighter planes.

Logan hangs up and tells Kiefer, "I hope I was convincing enough for you." Always seeking approval, and Kiefer gives it to him: "You're a world-class liar. I would have expected nothing else." Behind Kiefer, Chloe is waking up already. Logan asks if this is really just to get justice for Walker. Kiefer says yes, "and for all the other people that died today trying to protect this country. Now sit at the desk and keep the line open." Chloe, now fully awake, calls over to Kiefer to tell him that they can use Kiefer's audio file to expose Suvarov, using the CTU servers. "President Taylor's already censored the press," Kiefer says. "NSA's putting up firewalls." No idea how he knows either of those things, unless that window also gives him a clear view of the Conde Nast building and Fort Meade. Chloe says there's no way to lock down everything. Her phone rings, and she says it's Cole calling. "If I don't answer that, he's sending a TAC team in here." Kiefer says it'll be too late, which I guess is why he's going with plan B to kill Suvarov in Logan's office rather than waiting around for the more public kill during the press conference later. As spectacular as that would have been. "I'm gonna finish what I started," Kiefer vows. He looks at Logan, sitting at his desk with his hands spread wide like some kind of evil talk show host.

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