Day 8: 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM

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Day 8: 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM
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In tonight's previouslies freeze-frames: President Allison Taylor, Rob Weiss, Ethan Kanin, Jack Bauer, and Samir Mehran. That's an unusually White House-heavy group.

As Kiefer's voice tells us the following takes place between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM, we have time to think that maybe it should start getting light soon in the eas-- whoa, sun's up! The very first shot of the episode is sunrise over Manhattan. That was abrupt. And it marks the last night/day transition on this show ever. Try not to get too choked up.

At McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, Rob takes the unconscious Ethan's pulse, then locks him in his office and goes to find General Brucker working the phones in the temporary Situation Room. The General doesn't have a lot of time to do exposition for whoever's on the other end of the line, so he impatiently says, "A dirty bomb is about to go off in Manhattan, Commander. I'd plan for mass panic." Okay, so we're up to speed. Rob hisses to Brucker that Ethan needs a doctor right now, but Brucker refuses to do anything like that until they have Hassan. Just then Taylor enters, and Brucker and Rob give her an update. They know word will get out, so Taylor has a statement ready that she wants Rob and Ethan to look over. "He wasn't in his office, do you know where he is?" she asks Rob. There's an awkward pause, because Rob can't exactly say that Ethan is in his office, just not visible or answering the door because he's dying on the sofa. "I'll go find him," Rob finally says, leaving the General to deal with their boss alone. Not that Brucker deserves any better. Taylor is understandably stressing out about the fact that there are less than ten minutes left, and Brucker's latest projections that 58,000 deaths are expected in the first three days isn't exactly calming. "But who knows, maybe we'll get lucky," he says. She tells him to let him know as soon as Hassan arrives, and he agrees to do so. She's going to be waiting a while.

Underneath the U.N., Kiefer is helping the lone surviving commando walk through the tunnels while Walker and the Hassans follow behind. Hassan is having trouble with this, repeating to Dalia that it's not right to trade his life for thousands. Dalia argues with him about it, but he's not on board. After a bit more walking, Kiefer finds a room to lock the commando in, wedging a loose section of rebar through the door handle and assuring Hassan that the man's injuries aren't life-threatening. He doesn't know the half of it. Walker calls Kiefer over to tell him about Hassan's feelings on the situation, which Kiefer couldn't be less interested in. "If he wants to take it up with President Taylor, he can do it when he's--" Kiefer abruptly stops talking when Hassan clubs him from behind with that section of rebar that was holding the door, and the Hassan women scream like panicked hens as he raises his gun at Walker and makes her give him her weapon. While all three women freak at various levels of volume, Hassan calls the commando out into the hall and orders Walker to drag Kiefer into the room. Hassan gives his gun to the commando and surrenders. Dalia continues to argue with him, saying he can't do this, but he says he couldn't live with himself if he didn't. Dalia points out they might be lying and plan to set off the bomb anyway, but he says he has to try. Dalia's yelling in his face that he's going to have to lock her up too, until he physically shoves her away and the commando forces her and Kayla into the room at gunpoint. Kiefer is starting to come around, but it's too late; they're all locked inside. "We've got less than five minutes, we've gotta move," the commando tells Hassan. Through the door's window, Kiefer yells at Hassan not to trust them. Hassan hesitates in following the commando up the stairs, then hurries to catch up. Come on, Hassan, you can keep up with a dude who has a bullet in his leg.

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