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Heads of State
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Previouslies freeze-frames: President Omar Hassan, President Allison Taylor, CTU New York, Dana Walsh, and Jack Bauer. And then back to Dana Walsh, who said, "It's only a mater of time before this gets traced back to me. I need to get the hell out of here while I still can." Which I'm pretty sure we can all still agree with.

Dana walks purposefully to the exit, but at the security desk, the guard asks to see her passkey. Apparently it's a new security protocol. "Nobody gets in or out without personally being cleared by Mr. Hastings," the guard explains. She hands over her pass, which he pops into a reader. Exit clearance: denied. Dana pleasantly claims she's just going to her car for her migraine pills and will be right back before anyone even knows she's gone. He gives in and...offers to send one of the guards to her car for her. Dana says that's fine, and she'll talk to Hastings herself. She gets her card back and chirps, "Thank you, Jim!" before heading back in. Jim's certainly in a good mood considering three of his immediate coworkers just got EMP'ed to death three hours ago.

Back on the floor, Chloe is playing back the satellite footage of the Honda leaving the parking ramp one minute after the crash, with a blonde woman at the wheel. They correctly assume that Hassan is inside it, which would make it a Hassan-da. Chloe can't track it, since it left the satellite grid. Uh, maybe it would have been a good idea to widen that grid, given that a highly sensitive ambush operation was set to occur in the area and people always escape from those. Hastings gives the usual orders about APBs and NSA servers and whatnot. Someone tells him Taylor wants an update, and he takes the call on the spot, on his Bluetooth. Taylor begs him, "Please tell me President Hassan survived." Well, Hastings hates to disobey a presidential request, so he says Hassan wasn't in the SUV that crashed. He explains how they're trying to track the car he was transferred into, and promises to keep her updated. End of call.

Now Taylor gets to go back into the Sit Room and tell Hassan's wife and daughter what's going on. She's just told them there's still hope when someone tells her the Russian Foreign Minister wants a word. I'm sure it has something to do with the recent discovery in a CTU holding cell of the long-forgotten, cobwebbed skeleton of Sergei Bazhaev. Taylor makes the necessary promises to the Hassans, then excuses herself at 7:04:42 to talk to "Mr. Novakovich." That's a fun name. The bald, severe-looking minister thanks her for her time and they sit down to talk about Hassan. The minster quizzes her about the status of the recovery operation, and tells her that the peace agreement won't happen if Hassan isn't rescued. Taylor gets pretty owly with him, accusing him of hoping for exactly that. "Your country is looking for any excuse to pull out." That's what she said. He takes exception to that, saying they've been supportive all along. "We are here, are we not?" Taylor backs off, and says she appreciates his support. "And I hope that we can count on it until we find President Hassan." The guy's like, durr. I suspect Taylor's missing Ethan more than ever when she's face-to-face with his Russian counterpart like this. Especially since she's totally blowing it with him.

Walker is back inside CTU at 7:06:26, so obviously she was cleared for reentry. She pulls Chloe aside to tell her about the leak inside CTU that Kiefer suspects, due to the transfer of Hassan to a new car. Chloe also brings up the satellite "glitch" from a couple of hours ago that was also suspicious. "A little too unlucky, especially for us." "Especially" for them? Does fortune usually smile on CTU in ways that I've been missing? Walker says Kiefer has Tarin's cell phone (he became "Tarin" and not "the driver" at some unspecified point), and he wants Chloe to call him on a secure line right away. Chloe pretty much does. Kiefer punches numbers into Tarin's phone and warns, "Chloe, it's encrypted. You're going to have to work fast." Interesting how the "secure area" Kiefer requested for this turned out to be "Chloe's desk."

Hastings is upstairs in his office with his own phone, looking like he's clearing out old text messages or something similarly urgent, when Dana enters asking to get on his computer for a minute. She claims it's to make sure the parameters are reset correctly after the EMP, and that if they put it off, they could lose more data. She says it'll be a couple of minutes, and he tells her to go ahead. "And see if you can get rid of those annoying mouse-trails while you're at it," he fails to ask. While she does that, Chloe calls him down to the floor. Dana hears him say, "What is it, Chloe?" Chloe says she'll explain when he gets there. He's on his way, leaving Dana alone in his office, on his computer. That's the action of a man who's both trusting and trustworthy. As soon as he's gone, she pops her card into the reader so she can update her exit clearance. Which consists of deleting the word "denied" on the screen, one letter at a time. You'd think with all the bleeding-edge technology around here, they could spring for a drawdown menu or something.

Hastings arrives down on the floor, and Walker whispers to him about the mole, and what they're doing to find out who it is. Of course they're assuming Hastings isn't it, but then, see above. Seconds later, Chloe has Tarin's phone records decrypted and up on the screen. Hastings quickly recognizes one of the numbers as among the ones the NSA handed out right after the EMP. Now they just have to trace the number to the handwritten log. Fortunately Chloe has easy access to the list. After flipping through some pages, she confirms, "It's Dana's phone." Hastings looks up to where he last saw Dana, but his laptop -- visible not only through the glass wall of his office, but also the smurfy little Lucite stand he keeps it on -- is sitting unattended. Oooops. "Where is she?" Walker wonders. And what did she do with Hastings' actual desk?

At 7:09:33, she's back at the security desk, ready to make another run at this. She and Jim the guard banter a bit about her migraine as she hands him her card, but when he sticks it in, his screen lights up with "SECURITY CODE 112" and "APPREHEND ON SITE." Someone sure changed her security status so quickly that I can almost forgive the use of "site" instead of "sight." Jim tells her not to move, but she draws a sidearm (has she been wearing that this whole time?) and plugs Jim, then another guard, and keeps shooting while backing out, holding an office drone as a shield until she's clear. Back on the floor, Hastings orders the security monitors up on the screen, and orders Medical to the main entrance as soon as he sees the carnage wrought there. Cole rushes up, wondering about the 112 on Dana. "She's working with the terrorists," Hastings informs him. "She shot two security guards. She's trying to leave the building." Cole flounders in shock, and Hastings tells him about the call they traced with Tarin. Hastings asks Cole a natural question: "What the hell did you know about this?" "Nothing, sir!" Cole insists forcefully. By now, Chloe has Dana up on the garage cameras, and Cole takes off running, ignoring Hastings calling his name. "Notify security. Lock down the exits," he orders his headset. Yeah, I think security got the word already. The ones who are still alive, at least.

In the parking ramp, Dana's in a full-on gunfight with pursuing guards as she tries to make it to her car. After a whole lot of shooting and even some reloading, she manages to get in and drive up the ramp. It almost looks like she's about to get away, until Cole jumps out in front of her, shooting at her car. At least he didn't waste a lot of time in denial. She loses a tire and crashes into a parked car. Cole's the first to reach her door, vaulting ov

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