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Walker Hard
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Previouslies freeze-frames: Brian Hastings, President Omar Hassan, Farhad Hassan, Dana Walsh (because even the previouslies aren't buying into this stupid "Jenny" crap), President Allison Taylor, and of course Jack Bauer.

Unsurprisingly, the president is still being evacuated from the U.N. Next to her in the back seat, her Chief of Staff is doing what he does best: yelling at Hastings. Although I guess that since there's been a large explosion in the last couple of minutes, it's understandable in this case. "It's a damn disaster, Brian! What do you mean, you don't know what happened?" Taylor chimes in to demand how Hassan is, and Hastings still doesn't know. But he has been admirably quick in figuring out that the original bomb threat was a hoax, and that a real bomb was planted along the evacuation route. "And you drove him right into it!" Weiss yells. Hastings explains what Cole did, and Weiss yells, "You better pray he got there in time!" and cuts off the call. Well, I guess Taylor was done talking to Hastings, too.

Somewhere behind them, a whole section of pavement has been heaved up from the street by the explosion. Cole, alive and conscious, manages to scramble out of his inverted car-becue into a scene of total chaos. Nobody seems to know what to do until Cole shows up to take charge again, so it's super lucky he wasn't killed after all. Hassan's car is still stopped and the driver appears dead. Cole runs up to it and tries to get Hassan's door open. Hassan is barely conscious and his bodyguard points a gun at Cole protectively, but lowers it when Cole says he's with CTU. Cole finally manages to pry the bent car door open and urgently tells Hassan they need to get him to another car. Because this one worked out so well. "Sir, you do not want to stay here," Cole warns. Indeed, because here comes Davros, locked and loaded and apparently unnoticed by anyone as he walks toward Hassan with his police weapon leveled and with obvious murderous intent. What's he been doing during the previouslies, anyway? But then a big black SUV cuts off his approach, and that seems to break his focus. Cole gets Hassan and his bodyguard into that CTUmobile and sends it off, then pulls out his cell phone. Watching this, Davros realizes he's missed his chance and starts walking away, defeated. Assassin fail.

Cole has apparently called Dana's personal cell phone instead of the CTU switchboard. She's relieved he's okay, again, and he tells her that Hassan is also safe and en route to CTU. Dana calls that news out across the floor to Hastings. I'm sure Hastings will rush to call Weiss back to see if he can get yelled at for that, too. Cole tells Dana the assassin had infiltrated the security team, which Dana already knows from Chloe. A cordon is going up now, for all the good it's going to do. Remember how awesome CTU perimeters are? Whatever other issues last season may have had, at least the FBI knew how to seal off an area properly. Fortunately for CTU, Cole has just spotted Davros. I don't know if it's something about the way the guy in the motorcycle cop uniform is walking away, or that Cole recognizes Davros's face from a photo I don't think Cole ever saw, but when Davros sees Cole looking at him and breaks into a run, that's pretty much a giveaway. Cole draws his weapon and updates Dana that he's now chasing the suspect toward a neighboring building. Dana has Chloe put out a priority APB, which doesn't explain how Cole runs right past all these cops and agents and security guards milling around and ends up following Davros down a dark alley on his own. Davros ducks into a building, Cole in pursuit.

Kiefer is still en route to the U.N. in the shotgun seat of Officer Phil's squad car. A pop-up window appears on the car's dashboard computer screen: "PRIORITY OVERRIDE Source CTU D. Walsh TEXT: Hassan bombing. Suspect spotted at 4722 East 47th St. TIME: 19:04." Looks like Chloe V.5.0 has gotten those processing speed bugs worked out. Kiefer asks Officer Phil for his weapon back. "You're bag's right behind my seat," Officer Phil says, like they're in the family station wagon. Kiefer reaches back to grab it, then makes Officer Phil pull a two-wheeler around the next corner. I hope this isn't the last time we see Officer Phil. I suspect there'll be some long, tense silences in the squad car when he and Officer John go back on patrol again.

The other three Hassans are stuck in a stationary "evacuation" car while the CTU agent up front tries to contact someone in the car Hassan was in. They can just see it up ahead, but not well enough to realize that nobody's alive in there any more. Hassan's wife tries to get out to get to him, because she likes him during the even-numbered episodes, I guess. Farhad and the agent both stop her, and Farhad pulls out his cell phone to try to find out for himself what happened. Who could he possibly reach right now who knows what's going on?

Oh, right, the guy he hired to make it happen. Davros asks Farhad, "Where are you?" "Yes, we're safe," Farhad says, and asks about his brother. "He's alive. He survived!" Davros groans. Farhad relays this to Mrs. H., remembering to add, "God is with us." Then he asks Davros, "Can you tell me what happened?" Trying to avoid the agents now searching the abandoned building, Davros quickly tells the story. "What would you suggest we do?" Farhad carefully asks. "It's over. Get out now," Davros instructs. "It can't be long before they realize it's you." Well, I have to give credit to Davros for his commitment to customer service. Most assassins, after the shit goes down, don't have time for the client any more, but this guy makes the effort to help guide his employer through those critical post-crisis moments. That goes a long way toward making up for the fact that the assassin-ee is still alive. Although I have to wonder how long they thought Farhad could remain undercover even if his brother had died. But that's all moot, so Farhad hangs up. Mrs. H. says his name, and after a pause, Farhad dives out the door. The CTU agent jumps out to head him off and get him back in the car. Farhad nods like he's going to comply, but then suddenly he pulls a dagger out of his breast pocket and buries the blade in the CTU agent's neck. Seriously, a big old sharp knife. Has Farhad been carrying that around all day? While sitting at a table with not one but two presidents? Because if so, that's the biggest security failing of an entire afternoon that's been filled with them. One hopes that CTU agent has time to think about that as he collapses bloodily against the car window for the edification of the Hassan women. Farhad dashes away in the "confusion." Well, at least he can't get far on foot, and he doesn't have that knife any more. And how many more could he have on his person?

At 7:06:47, Cole is still searching the empty building alone. Somehow Davros appears behind him and orders, "Get on your knees." Cole complies with that order, and also with Davros's instruction to slide his gun back toward him. "Now you're going to walk me out of here," Davros says. Don't worry, that's not a spoiler. He tells Cole to call in and say this area is clear and to move the search elsewhere. "You want to live? Make the call." Because Davros totally won't kill Cole anyway after he gets what he wants, right? Cole touches his comm earpiece (which he should have had on all this time or he wouldn't be in this situation right now) and quietly says, "This is Cole Ortiz, in the southwest corner of the building in pursuit of the assassin." After a long pause in which he mentally gets his affairs in order (although honestly, he's been playing with house chips for the last seven minutes anyway), he says, "He's with me now." Davros looks pissed, and two shots ring out. But it's Davros who goes down, because Kiefer arrived just in time. Having not only gotten inside the search perimeter without difficulty and without credentials, but also apparently having tracked Davros by scent. Kiefer makes sure Cole is okay, then checks Davros's pulse

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