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No Russia to Judgment
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Previouslies freeze frames: Dalia Hassan, Mikhail Novakovich, President Allison Taylor, Dana Walsh, and Jack Bauer. A couple of first-timers in there, but only because so many other characters are dead.

Speaking of Renee Walker, Kiefer has apparently spent the whole previouslies looking sadly down at her on the abandoned operating table, his shirt still smeared with her blood. A nurse comes in to say they need to move her. Kiefer doesn't say a word, just slowly shambles toward the door. She asks if he's Walker's husband, and when he says he isn't, she asks if he can help contact her next of kin. "Do you know where her parents are? Are they alive?" Kiefer can't exactly say he technically only knew Walker for two days, and until an hour ago they were generally too busy shooting at people and arguing with each other to discuss her family, so he has to admit he doesn't know. "Sir, are you going to be all right?" she asks, suddenly noticing that he seems kind of upset. Instead of answering, he wanders out. Well, at least now he only has to buy one plane ticket to Los Angeles at the end of the season.

In the hallway, another nurse presents him with a set of clothes she took off an intern. Literally, that's what she says. And I thought the interns on other TV shows had sucky lives. Kiefer wanders over to a chair, where a moment later, he can see the sheet-covered body of Walker being wheeled out of the OR on a gurney. Bye, Walker. He gets a few seconds to sob weakly before his cell phone rings. And honestly, I think a cheerier ringtone would do wonders for his mood right now.

It's Chloe, who's already heard the bad news. CTU is so connected. She asks what she can do to help. Kiefer, being Kiefer, growls, "Tell me who did this." Chloe tries to tell Kiefer that CTU is on it, but he gets her to admit that Walker thought she spotted someone from the Red Square gang. Of course Kiefer wants to talk to Bazhaev immediately, and demands that Chloe tell him where he is. Before Chloe answers, she informs Kiefer that she's the boss at CTU now. "Bazhaev's our only lead. I need whoever talks to him to be in complete control." Kiefer promises not to interfere, so Chloe finally reveals that he's in Federal Court downtown for arraignment. Kiefer hangs up without thanking her, or even congratulating her on her promotion.

Ethan presents himself to Taylor in the U.N. Council Chamber, and she acts shocked that he's not resting, after specifically ordering him to get back to work ASAP just a few hours ago. Indeed, he was treated for the heart attack for less time than he was actually having the heart attack. He insists he's fine, and wants to continue their conversation about Logan. Of course, Taylor tells him that Logan's already been recruited and is en route to meet Novakovich as they speak. "Whew, that was fast," Ethan marvels. I like how every once in a while this season, some character expresses surprise at how quickly things are moving. It doesn't make it more believable, but at least the writers are admitting they're aware of it. He's curious about what Logan is planning to say, and is a little shocked when Taylor says she doesn't know the specifics. "Don't ask, don't tell was the price for Logan's cooperation," Taylor explains. Which is certainly no reason to assume that Logan's actions aren't totally above board and legitimate. It's Charles Logan we're talking about, after all.

Logan and his "executive assistant" Jason are led into a balcony restaurant where Minister Novakovich is enjoying a breakfast for one, or at least moving two forks around over his plate. Logan calls over to him, "Mikhail!" Novakovich (and a shout-out here to reader Brian for pointing out that Mikhail Novakovich must have been named after Mike Novick -- I totally missed that) doesn't look thrilled to see him, although he invites Logan to sit and makes a polite remark about the loss of Hassan. Despite being full of smiles, Logan isn't in the mood to be polite; he not only tells the Russian to save his platitudes but, noticing a waiter standing questioningly behind him, also orders an espresso that I assume will go on Novakovich's tab. As Logan sits, the Russian guesses why Logan's here, and speechifies, "President Taylor lured the whole world here with the promise that Hassan had united the IRK, that there would be peace...now it is clear that was a lie." Logan reminds him that Dalia is ready to step up, but Novakovich asks how Dalia can unite the country when Hassan's own opposition took him down. "Because we both know the opposition that undid him had outside help," Logan says pointedly. He outlines the ambitious scope of the whole plot, and how it points to a large-scale rival of the U.S. Novakovich starts to accuse Logan of "insinuating" something, and Logan says, "No, I'm saying, it was people inside your government. First among them you." Hey, that's one upside to being an ex-president: you get to say shit like that. Logan certainly isn't wasting any time. Novakovich of course protests this "outrageous accusation," but Logan says it's a true one, and he's got proof. Which he threatens to share with Taylor. "What I would like to tell her is that Russia is back at the table and her peace process is on track. But if neither of us hears from you before I get there, I'm afraid what I'll have to tell her instead is the unvarnished truth." So he's not even going to stay for his espresso?

It's 9:10:38, and a handcuffed Bazhaev is suffering the indignity of standing in front of a courtroom with his hands cuffed, in front of a judge who's mispronouncing his name and refusing to grant bail. So much for his immunity, I guess. Bazhaev's attorney pleads vainly on his behalf, pointing out his wife, daughter-in-law, and grandson in the gallery, and how nice of them all to show up the morning after both Josef and Oleg were killed, to support the guy who killed one of them. Kiefer, in his new intern-wear, quietly enters and takes a seat, his arrival not unnoticed by Bazhaev. After the judge orders remand, Bazhaev whispers in his lawyer's ear, and the attorney asks for five minutes. The judge calls a thirty-minute recess, and the whole courtroom is cleared so they don't have to shoot the rest of this scene in a different set. Everyone but Kiefer gets up and leaves, and Bazhaev's attorney leaves the two of them to talk privately. Now it's just those two and the bailiff, which is probably a good idea, since the last time Kiefer and Bazhaev were alone in a room they had a big old gunfight. Kiefer goes and sits next to Bazhaev at the defendant's table, and Bazhaev begins, "If you touch my family, I swear to God--" "You're not really sitting in the right chair to be making threats," Kiefer interrupts in a whisper. "Who shot Renee Walker?" The name means nothing to Bazhaev, so Kiefer explains how she recognized an old Red Square guy. "There is no Red Square. Not any more," Bazhaev stalls. Kiefer tries to clarify his position: "This agent, Renee Walker? I considered her to be my family. So take a long, hard look into my eyes and realize that I will have no problem taking out each member of yours before they even get home today, unless I get the information I want." Bazhaev follows those instructions to the letter, but insists it had nothing to do with him. Kiefer gets up to leave. "I'll tell your wife and your daughter-in-law you said hello." "Wait!" Bazhaev says predictably. Equally predictably, Kiefer does. Bazhaev says his family will be killed anyway if he talks, so Kiefer promises witness protection. After a long pause, Bazhaev finally says, "Moscow." Kiefer just looks confused, and understandably so. Aren't they in New York, after all? "The Russian government," Bazhaev explains. "They are behind it. Not me." Kiefer wants names, but Bazhaev only has one. "The woman working with them arranged everything...the one they planted at CTU. Dana Walsh." Well, who else? Bazhaev is led away by the bailiffs, reminding Kiefer of his promise. It's 9:14:22.

9:18:42. Logan is in the back of the car on the return drive to the U.N., gazing out the window and taking a break from some thoughtful mouth-breathing to lick his lips in a reptilian fashion. Hard to believe he was never actually elected, with that charisma. He and Jason make some small talk about the meeting with Novakovich until Logan's cell phone rings and he answers, knowing it's Taylor. "Charles, I just got off the phone with the Russian Foreign Minister," she says from inside the Conference Chamber at the U.N. She keeps Logan in suspense for a bit before saying that Novakovich says he's "coming to the United Nations in five hours with the Russian premier to sign the treaty as scheduled." Logan quietly punches the air in celebration (and I'm sure the air is like, "I don't have to take that from you, you traitorous dick") as Taylor adds that Novakovich gave Logan all the credit. "He was in the mood to be convinced, Madam President," Logan says faux-modestly. Ethan chimes in to ask what Logan said to him. "I told him that peace is in all of our interests," Logan says piously. "Seriou

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