Day 8: 9:00 PM –10:00 PM

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Undercover Lover
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In the previouslies freeze-frames this week: President Allison Taylor, Sergei Bazhaev, Dana Walsh (pinned against the wall of her own apartment by Kevin), Renee Walker, and Jack Bauer. Sounds like the worst party ever, doesn't it?

it's a very sweaty Kiefer who pulls his car up near the docks and gets out so he can peer out at the riverbank, where Walker is still on her knees in the mud. And that's not even the worst position she's going to be in this hour. Over her earpiece, she hears Kiefer say he can see her (of course his actual words are, as always, "I've got a visual") and that he's going off comm. Then he switches from his earpiece to his cell phone to call CTU as Vladimir frees Walker's hands. While Chloe covers for Kiefer by listening in to The Renee Show, Kiefer tells Hastings that Walker needs to be pulled out right away. His argument? "She's a danger to herself and this mission." Never stopped Kiefer. He tells Hastings what happened ten minutes ago, and that Walker doesn't care what happens to her. He leaves out the part where if she did, she'd probably already be dead now. Hastings says they can't quit without the uranium, and Kiefer offers to arrest Vladimir and "make him talk." Rather warmly, Hastings tells Kiefer, "We don't do that any more." I'm glad to hear it, if it's true. "Then you people do what you do well," Kiefer spits, suggesting an offer of immunity. Forgetting that they already tried that with Ziya, and if it didn't work with that nine-fingered wuss it's not about to work with Vladimir. Speaking of Ziya, one splitscreen window is showing that his corpse is being ferried out a short distance into the river on a rowboat and rolled off the stern into the water, while Kiefer insists to Hastings that they have to figure something out. "I am not gonna let Renee die because CTU did their job badly." Hastings asks Kiefer for a better idea, and after a moment's thought, Kiefer comes up with the plan of taking Walker's place himself when he goes in as the buyer. I don't think Kiefer would agree to that if he knew what's going to happen later, and I know Vladimir wouldn't. But Hastings does, as long as the mission isn't put at risk, and tells Kiefer to go meet Cole, who has everything he needs for his cover ID. Kiefer hangs up, because Walker and Vladimir have just gotten back in the car and are driving away, and Kiefer needs to follow. This, by the way, is the worst advertisement for cars with daytime running lights that I've ever seen.

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