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The first time I spoke to Leslie Hope was the morning after 24 had wrapped. Thanks to our poster Effykaye, who met Leslie at a fundraiser in L.A., Leslie found TWoP and started lurking in our forums. She was pleasantly surprised at how much the TWoP posters liked her, which is ironic considering that we're supposed to be the mean, cranky forums. While I was trying to type up this conversation (with my sliced pinky tendon), I kept getting emails from her agent asking me when I'd be posting the interview. I explained about my pinky and Lee, the agent, expressed her sympathies but urged me to post the interview before the final episode. I didn't know where the urgency was coming from until I saw the final episode. Teri Bauer -- Bride of Kiefer -- had been killed in the final episode. An unthinkable plot twist on primetime television. Fortunately, I got to speak to Leslie again to ask some follow-up questions about her "death."

Gustave: Hey, where did that sweater come from?

Leslie Hope: You know, when you go wardrobe shopping and you take into consideration that you're going to be wearing the same clothes -- not just for twelve hours of television time -- but for the next six months, you want a warm sweater, you want something sleeveless in case it gets hot. You want comfortable pants that have a little give in them so you can eat lunch. And you want flat shoes because you're going to be running around all day.

Then what's up with Spawn's shoes?

When she shot the pilot in that outfit, she's wearing clunky girl sandals. So by the time we were in the hay house…

You call it the hay house? I called it The Stable Of Sensuality in my recaps. It looked like a Playboy shoot.

I made many off-color jokes about that set that I won't dare repeat for this interview.

Anyway, so when we escape and we're running through the woods, you just can't be running in those shoes, so the costume department actually made her a pair of white sneakers that had the pattern of those sandals painted on. If you look closely, you can totally tell that they're sneakers. Not that they're going to be looking at Elisha's feet, if you know what I'm saying? But when we get sent to that clinic and we've got the scrubs on, Elisha finally gets some cool shoes. I still had to wear my flats from before. What's that about?

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