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Bitchelle Speaks

[Biterela, one of my readers, emailed me one afternoon to tell me that Reiko Aylesworth was a friend of hers and that she had read and enjoyed my recaps. So I wrote back to Biterela and told her to tell Reiko to get in touch with me. I was in the middle of a move, and I didn't really know if anything was really going to come of this, but I figured, hey, why not? Twelve hours later, it's one AM (plink…plink…plink) and I'm sitting in my bedroom talking on the phone to Bitchelle, who had just finished shooting for the day. Being a TWoP writer definitely has its advantages. And Reiko was an awfully good sport.]

Gustave: When I nicknamed you "Bitchelle," I didn't think I'd ever have to talk to you.

Reiko Aylesworth: I was actually pretty pleased with "Bitchelle." I was like, if it's going to be between "Nina 2.0" and "Bitchelle," please let it be "Bitchelle."

Yeah, sometimes I'll make up a nickname that makes sense, but for whatever reason, no one uses it in our forums. Everyone said they liked Nina 2.0, but no one really used it. For some reason "Bitchelle" just caught on. I guess it just rolls off your tongue or something.

Thank God! I mean, at first I was wondering why I was being called a bitch, but then I looked back at those early episodes and I totally had "bitch face." And when you come from New York, "bitch" isn't really that bad. It's like, [cheerfully] "Hey bitch!" "Bitch" isn't a name that bothers me. I can think of a few other names that might…[laughs] And hey, at least I'm not a Poor Man's Something or a SomethingOfKiefer.

So you're the first person I've spoken to from the second season. Last year, 24 was something new. The cast and crew were discovering how to do something that had never been done before, and no one knew for sure it was going to be picked up for a second season. So now it's an established brand and you've been picked up for a third season already. What's it like to be a part of it now?

Well, I just felt lucky to be cast, because I already knew it was a good show. I actually hate talking about this, but I tested for Nina originally, so when I read the pilot, I didn't exactly know where it was going to go or if it was going to be picked up. Oh, and then I also tested [laughing] for Sarah Wynter's part. I wasn't right for either part but I think they knew they wanted to use me. Also, I couldn't really do 24 last season because I wasn't available. I was already committed to another pilot called All Souls.

What did they tell you about both parts?

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