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At "Sergel's Square" in Stockholm, there seems to be some kind of celebration going on; people are dancing, drums are being beaten, that sort of thing. So it's possible people think it's all just part of the fun when a number of men in identical suits, holding identical briefcases, and wearing identical masks appear and start marching through the place. I mean, I've certainly seen less accessible displays of performance art, so I probably wouldn't bat an eye either, although I'm not sure I would have gone with blood red as my choice of mask color if I cared about people remaining calm. But I should add that this is my favorite so far among a group of pretty excellent cold opens, it really taps into this visceral uncertainty you feel when you don't even know who, if anyone, is the good guy.

Speaking of the parties involved, the processional passes right by a young African-American woman sporting some requisite-for-this-day-and-age ear buds; the camera pans around so we can see her face, whereupon she closes her eyes for the kind of length of time that suggests either she's got a migraine or she's engaged in some serious thought. (Maybe both!) Once she reopens them, she turns and menacingly regards the backs of the oblivious red-masked men, whom we then follow into the subway. Away from the square, I'd think the random travelers might be a little more likely to get freaked out by the masked men, but I've heard the extreme latitude there does weird things to people. Anyway, not all of the masked men head for the same track, but several of them end up getting on one subway car onto which the woman follows them. After the train pulls out of the station (named "T-Centralen," if Stockholm public transportation is of interest to you), the woman steals a look at the handful of masked men to the other side of the car, and at least three of them are alert enough to note her intense interest.

As ominous music builds to a crescendo, she looks at the briefcases, and it's there we can see they're all handcuffed to their carriers' wrists, and then she closes her eyes again and throws an elbow into a glass-covered control board (I guess), at which point the lights go out. There are screams, fight noises, and brief strobe-like glimpses of men in masks being attacked, and when the train pulls in, all the non-masked passengers rush off, as well they might. Inside the still-darkened car, a lone transit policeman warily makes his way on to see all the masked men unconscious at best, and as the camera pans down, we see one of their hands has been severed at the wrist… that guy's briefcase is gone. Bone is not the easiest substance to cut through, so I wonder how in the allotted time she -- you will forgive me for this eventually -- pulled that off.

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