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As country music plays, we open on a close-up of a local paper that informs us of a lab accident that killed four people. The subhead tells us that the lone survivor was questioned after the particle accelerator exploded. The door of this convenience store then opens, and as a chyron lets us know we're in Batesville, Utah, the woman whose photo we were just regarding on the front page enters. She grabs a few sundries and puts them on the counter, but instead of ringing them up, the clerk prefers to give her a basilisk stare, so she asks if there's a problem. The guy rather aggressively tells her that "Jack Benson" was a friend of his, and from her stricken look before she apologizes, we can assume Benson to have been one of the explosion victims. The guy goes on that she was the one in charge and that the widow Benson says it was her fault, and the woman -- who looks a bit like Taissa Farmiga's older sister -- is like, you know what, my need for these paper towels actually isn't all that dire, so what say I just peace out?

The guy blocks her path, but after she trepidatiously tells him to stay away, a bunch of cans start flying off the shelves and hitting him. He asks if she did that -- it's probably worth noting that this guy from the sticks accepts the possibility of her being telekinetic in like .2 seconds, but certain S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who have known gods and monsters alike think that idea is just crazy -- and although she promises it wasn't, a stand of shelves then topples over on the dude, causing the woman to get one of those über-victimized faces that are an early warning sign I'm going to have no use for her. The guy runs out of the store, pulling his phone out as he goes, but once he's outside he sees the stations' gas nozzles lying on the ground spilling fuel liberally over the ground. And… don't you need to pay to get those going? While we think this is telekinesis, it makes sense, but is our dead-ish villain still up-to-date on his credit-card payments? The clerk heads for the hills as the gasoline flows toward a burning copy of the paper we saw earlier, while inside, the woman is a watery mess as she prays for this not to happen again -- whereupon the gas pumps explode. Well, now she's really not welcome at this establishment. Title card.

In a hotel room, May is getting dressed when her phone beeps and the noise of the shower stops. She calls that "we" have a mission and then Ward appears; even if TV standards force him to have a towel tied around his waist, it looks like now that they've gotten his shirt off, they're keeping it that way. It's the Evan Peters principle. He starts to talk about how they should follow the same plan as before (so maybe this is only their second hookup, which would jibe with the information we got last time that off-plane overnights are few and far between) -- take separate routes back, stagger their timing, talk about how they definitely haven't had any sex since the show started -- but when he turns around, she's already gone. Well, at least he's amused by her ability to walk out on boring conversations.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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