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The Ice Storm
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I'm not sure this is the best-written hour of the series to date, but I think it might be the most enjoyable. I kind of wish they'd started a bunch of these threads in the pilot, but if this is what we can expect going forward I'll be so much happier. So:

At an indoor pool (the fact that the surrounding lights are off suggests they're not supposed to be here), some early-college-age-looking kids talking about advanced science-y stuff. One boy sits antisocially off to the side, but two of the others strip down to skivvies and jump in before calling to the laughing "Callie" to come on in. As the sullen kid packs up his bag and starts to leave, Callie begins to disrobe as well – but in the far corner of the pool, the water starts turning to ice. As it moves toward the kids therein, Callie's smile fades and she tells them to get out, but they're a little slow to realize the danger, and the upshot is that the male one of the two gets half his leg frozen in the ice. The taciturn kid rushes back and uses a skimming net to chip him out (not sure that cheap piece of plastic should have made a dent, but maybe it wasn't solidly frozen), after which the kid, who's sporting shoulder-length hair, stares at the taciturn kid looking terrified but also kind of baleful. The girls then wrap him up in a hoodie – which we see has the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it. As Skye would say, we're at S.H.I.E.L.D.-warts!

On the plane, a rear shot of Coulson sitting in his chair suggests pensiveness, which given the revelations of last time is understandable. As we pan in, we see he's in possession of a bunch of photographs of him looking very dead. As he continues to look lost and forlorn, Simmons' voice cuts in on VO that there's nothing more unsettling than being part of something so horrible, but although her comments could obviously apply to Coulson, which is the intention, she's actually talking to Skye, Ward, and Fitz and referring to the incident at the Academy. Fitz tells her they couldn't have known their concepts "would be applied in that way" and Skye references a device found in the pool, so apparently whoever was behind the incident used some scientific theories Fitz and Simmons came up with to implement it. Ward, with a photo of the device (it's a cylinder about a foot long with a control panel on the side), says it was apparently planted in the pool's filter a few days before, so it's logical to assume that whoever activated it was waiting for those specific cadets to be present.

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