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The Ice Storm

Back in his room, Gill is working not on drawings but on the real McCoy – he even has a secret workstation he remotely lowers from on high – while Fitz is getting the urgent news from Simmons that Gill and Dormer staged the attacks to lure them to the Academy and take them off their radar of suspects. I have to say the second attack, given that it really could have been fatal, seems excessive, but maybe they had sufficient faith that Fitz/Simmons would rescue Gill (and I suppose he could always have prepared himself with that glucose trick in advance). She tells him to get out of there, but he's like relax, I'm already gone, and the kid's totes chill, I just helped him solve his…"power problem." With that awful realization, Fitz rushes back into Gill's room and catches him in the act, announcing that he's trying to power a bigger version of "the ice machine." Gill breathes that he wasn't supposed to see it, and Fitz steps forward and tries to be a good mentor by saying they need to turn in the device to Weaver – but then from off to his side, Dormer repeats that Fitz wasn't supposed to see it before shooting him with the air cannon. As he starts to secure the device, Dormer sweatily tells Gill they have to go, and Gill doesn't look too happy about his new buddy being knocked out on his floor, but there's not much he can do about it now.

With an icepack on the back of his head, Fitz castigates himself for being so stupid as he and Simmons re-board the plane. Coulson asks if there's any word on Dormer and Gill, and Simmons reports that Ward and Weaver are working together to coordinate the search effort. Skye then asks Coulson where he went, but he's all business as he tells her not now – and with good reason, since Simmons goes on that the device turns any moisture it affects to ice, and at great range too. Fitz, however, cautions them that Gill is a good kid and was probably manipulated by Dormer, "using him to finish the…the product." Fitz should say his thoughts out loud more often, given the revelations he's having this episode. (Did I just lobby for more of Fitz's external monologues?) May's like, "product" in the what now, so Fitz picks up the train of thought he half-started on ages ago by speculating that the kids have a backer, given how rare and expensive the device's parts are. Skye pipes up that the rarity of the parts will make them traceable, while Coulson feels the need to intone that sometimes it's not a bad seed, just a bad influence, and I'm glad he's got his head back in the game but I could still do without him cueing a The More You Know starfall like that.

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