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The Ice Storm

Dormer is babbling into the phone about having the device ready but also having run into trouble in the form of S.H.I.E.L.D. looking for them. From his plane, Quinn is like, yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I didn't want, so now our deal is going to change, and he takes a swig of maybe Johnnie Walker Blue to show that he's serious. Back on the plane, Skye has figured out it's Quinn behind all this, and Coulson's like, that fucking guy. Skye adds that Dormer's father is a lawyer for "Quinn Worldwide," and if that's true you'd think Quinn would treat Dormer the Younger a little more generously, but I guess by this point we're supposed to understand that he's Eevil. Simmons thinks the cadets probably see Quinn as just a venture capitalist and not a criminal, and then Coulson tells them to alert May and Ward to Quinn's involvement – but not without tipping Skye off that something's on his mind. She asks to talk to him, and he reluctantly accedes. Secrets and lies, Coulson!

Quinn mwa-ha-has that they've gotten themselves into an unfortunate situation, and when Dormer confesses that they're holed up and boxed in, Quinn is like, well, I'm going home, lates! Dormer tries to tell him the tech is "worth it," so Quinn gets around to requesting a demonstration. He promises Dormer that if he does, he'll rescue them – but as soon as he's off, he tells the pilot to turn around and head back to the Seychelles, as the deal's off. He then waves around his glass and asks the female attendant (I'm guessing; it's a private plane so she may have other functions) to "freshen this up," which is so far into the realm of cartoonish villains that I suspect it of getting all the way around to being awesome. Still, given that he doesn't get his hands on the technology, what was his whole game in asking for the big show here?

On the roof of the parking garage at which they're hiding out, Gill wonders if they're going too far, but Dormer gives him a stock "It's you and me against the world, kid" speech. Gill still thinks what they're doing isn't safe, but Dormer basically tells him there's no going back now. Gill hates it, but he activates the device – which sputters a bit and seems to die. It's a fairly poor demonstration, but crisis averted, right?

Coulson is hanging his head like he's in principal's-office trouble as Skye tells him he hasn't even looked at her since he got back and wonders if she did something wrong. Coulson, however, with a pained expression, tells her no – but he did. OH! He goes on that Quinn isn't the only one who manipulates people -- S.H.I.E.L.D. does it all the time, even going so far as to teach it at the Academy. "It's our trade." He tells her he's been keeping something from her, but he feels he has no right to do that anymore, although she's not going to like what she hears. She reminds him that the truth can't be worse than what she's imagined, but he's ready for that one: "It is." With that, he tells her the story, and although the audio fades before he gets too far into it, we hear enough to know he's coming completely clean. Advancing the story! It's happening all up in here! The soundtrack stays doleful-music-only as Fitz/Simmons see what looks like the formation of a huge atmospheric disturbance on their monitors; the montage continues as Skye cries but continues to listen, and then Ward and Weaver see dark clouds gathering overhead. It's an effective moment of reflection on everything that's happening; Skye then breaks down as Coulson consoles her, and then we're back with Gill and Dormer, who are just now realizing the full extent of what's happening – since ice is starting to rain from the clouds. Dormer is excited that it worked – but moments later, the ice starts to fall much more intensely, and when they get back in the truck, chunks of the stuff hit hard enough to crack the windshield. Gill murmurs, "I did it," but it sounds less like a triumphant declaration and more like a confession.

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