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The Ice Storm

The boys are back outside the truck, as the ice has stopped, but when Dormer asks if that means it's over, Gill says no. "It's just beginning." He says they're in the eye, but given that they accidentally seeded the clouds, they've created a super-storm. Dormer thinks this is a great demonstration, but Gill shows at least one of them hasn't had all his common sense removed as he tries to get the device to reverse the process, explaining that "all the money in the world won't matter if we're dead." It's funny how many people have trouble with that concept!

On the plane, Coulson's wondering how they can stop the storm, but Fitz thinks it's impossible. Ward reports in that he and Weaver have everyone safe in the Boiler Room, and while this was probably the only solution it's not going to help his likely reputation around here as a narc. Coulson asks Ward if he can reach the parking garage, as the device should be there, and Ward's like, I'm on it – only to open the door. Basically seeing Dorothy Gale's house blow by, he funnily amends his statement to "Yeah, I can't get there," so on the plane, Coulson asks for a solution, and Fitz replies that he knows how to get to Gill.

Cut to the plane flying over the clouds toward the circular break that leads to the eye. May takes the plane down as everyone weathers the turbulence – the eye is surely not stationary -- and Coulson takes Skye's hand, hoping to reassure her in more ways than one. On the ground, the boys are still working on the device – but it suddenly sparks and shoots them both with a jolt that sends Dormer flying. Gill, his hand burned, limps over to Dormer as he says they need to try to get underground, which will really prove to have been an unfortunate thing to say at this moment in time. The plane descends, and May holds it just off the ground so Fitz, Simmons, and Ward can carry Dormer in. Simmons yells that he's in cardiac arrest, and as May steels herself to bring the plane back up and out, Fitz/Simmons go into full resuscitation protocols – to no avail. Dormer's dead, y'all. Not that I cared much about him, but it's still pretty strong stuff for this show, and Gill breaks down with the realization that his only friend is gone. In the cockpit, May, having piloted them to safety, puts her shades on in triumph, probably not realizing what's happened behind her.

Sometime later, Fitz is walking Gill off the plane as he wishes him good luck, but Gill is not so much in the mood for kind words; in fact, when Fitz confesses he doesn't know what to say, Gill practically spits, "Then don't say anything." They grow up so fast, Fitz. Gill gets in a S.H.I.E.L.D. car, and we then cut to Coulson telling May that S.H.I.E.L.D. is moving him to the Sandbox now – not for him to work but so they can keep an eye on him. May then is like, so, did you hear me in Mexico, and Coulson can't resist torturing her for a second ("What, specifically?") but doesn't make her actually say the whole thing again. He soberly tells her he trusts her to end it if it becomes a problem, which she certainly says she'll do, and then, happy to have gotten the subject over with, she asks what happened with Skye, already having an idea that Coulson told her what Lumley revealed. When Coulson confirms that, she supposes it must have destroyed Skye to hear it, but Coulson is like, funny thing about her – he thought the news shattered her world and rendered her search for her parents over (I'm not convinced they're dead, but she probably is), but when he was done, Skye told him that her story started with S.H.I.E.L.D. As we cut to Skye taking another look at the Wall of Valor, Coulson's voice goes on that Skye always thought she wasn't wanted and that she didn't belong, "but all that time it was S.H.I.E.L.D. protecting her. That's what she took away from the story." I'd wonder if her 0-8-4 power is bright-siding, but it's actually a pretty great moment that ties in well to the social isolation Gill (and Fitz, long ago) felt.

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