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The Ice Storm

Fitz/Simmons go on that because of their authorship of the technology used, they're being asked to consult on the investigation, and Skye perks up at the news that they're going to the Academy. Ward clarifies that they're hitting the Science and Technology Division and says that "Agent Weaver" asked if Fitz/Simmons would address the class on, essentially, using their brains for good instead of evil; he then lets us know he's never actually been to Sci/Tech. Skye asks if the different S.H.I.E.L.D. academies don't interact, and Fitz and Simmons scoff hilariously and let us know the "Academy of Communications," focused on data analysis, is the easiest division to get into by far. Fitz adds that that's where Skye would be, while Ward adds that Operations, his division, is the most aggressive program with the highest attrition rate. I guess it's fair to say that's where May's from. Skye, a knowingly wry tone in her voice, asks which one's the hardest to get into, and Simmons merely smiles beatifically in response. Hee. Speaking of May, she pops in just as Skye asks if the Ops people are going to steal the Sci/Tech mascot, but May replies that she and Coulson aren't going – once they drop Ward and the kids off, they have other business that needs their attention. She leaves, and with the mention of Coulson's name, Skye drops her tone as she points out that Coulson hasn't emerged from his office in ages. Ward, matching her half-whisper, supposes that they saw Coulson at a low and says he's as tough as they come, and given what he's been through, this is actually backed up. Ward adds that while Coulson gets his head together, it's on them to solve the mystery of the freezing pool. Given the obvious nature of the announcement, I anticipate them splitting up and searching for clues.

Cut to the four of them regarding the place in that only-on-TV dramatic horizontal line – it's a building, guys – and after some talk about the history of the place and the fact that you apparently need a PhD even to get into the program, Fitz asks Ward if the place is what he imagined, and he's basically like, it looks like a bunch of free-range nerds, so that's a check! The aforementioned Agent Weaver also appears to be from the UK (the actress, Christine Adams, is British even though she's recently worked quite a bit in the US), and when Ward tells Weaver he hears there's a list of suspects, she's like, even by this place's standards making that device would require a serious brain trust, so I'm thinking there's a bad seed among our top ten percent. Ward says he'd like to talk to the victim "Seth Dormer," so Weaver tells him she'll arrange it before leading Fitz and Simmons off to the lecture hall. It's one of those TV shortcuts, but how do they know the girl in the pool wasn't a target? Just because she's a faster swimmer (or IS she) doesn't seem like a good reason for exclusion. Seeing a bunch of students crowd around Fitz/Simmons on the way, Skye notes that they're "the popular kids," and Ward admits he knew what kind of adulation Fitz and Simmons commanded before telling Skye he wants to show her something. Ward!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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