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The Ice Storm

Cut to the two of them, inside one of the buildings, approaching a memorial that Skye correctly identifies as the "Wall of Valor" – a dedication to all agents lost in the line of duty that all S.H.I.E.L.D. buildings have. They regard it reverently, with Skye saying the name "Bucky Barnes" aloud before sincerely supposing that seeing this makes "you guys" proud. "I just wish I was a part of it." Ward has to check himself from rolling his eyes, not entirely successfully, but Skye catches the snap and tells him it's really not self-pity, but they have all this history of which she honestly wants to merit a part. Referring to the names on the Wall, she tells him "they deserve it. I hacked my way in." Ward, however, tells her all she needs to belong is a dedication to the greater good, and I do like how he's stepped back into his CO role after what seems like a long interruption here. Ward reminds her that Coulson saw something special in her, which seems as good a reminder to check in on him as any.

On the plane, May comes in to see Coulson, and seeing him in basically the same position as before, tells him he's got to put "that" away. He wonders how he can – he remembers the pain, but he also remembers Tahiti, so how's it all supposed to make sense? May firmly tells him that what's in the file is the truth come from Fury himself, and when Coulson points out that Fury covered it up for a long time, May tartly points out that Coulson's current state of mind suggests Fury might have been wise to do so. She tells him again to put it away, so with a deep breath, he complies and asks why they're heading to Mexico City. The general reason is that May wants to get his brain working on something other than the whole "I died" thing, but specifically, she's been digging into Skye's past and discovered that while "Agent Avery," the woman who dropped Skye off at the orphanage, was killed, her partner "Richard Lumley" wasn't. Coulson takes a look on May's S.H.I.E.L.D. iPad at Lumley's file photo as May says Lumley vanished twenty-three years ago, "the day after Avery was crossed off," but a selfie posted by a Mexican teenager a few days earlier showed Lumley in the background. They wonder if Lumley vanished because he killed Avery or because he wanted to avoid the same fate, and then May's like, we'll know soon enough because we land in forty minutes. She then says she's going to gas the car, and I like her DIY attitude but if she doesn't need to be in the cockpit at this range, when does she ever?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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