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The Ice Storm

Weaver introduces her "youngest graduates to date, Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons," and the two of them start talking and joking and on a side note whoever did Simmons' eyebrows this episode should be fired twice, and the speech is boring so let's cut to Ward asking Dormer if he knows why "a top student" (the implication being he is not in that category) would want to do him harm. Dormer doesn't, but then again, he's not that smart, so Ward shows him a list of names and asks if he considers them all friendly. Dormer, however, says that a "Donnie Gill" – the guy we saw at the pool -- is a loner and barely talks to anyone, but he thinks Gill just has trouble communicating "with anyone below a 170 IQ." That may not be Ward, but it still gives him an idea.

Speaking of which, let's return to Team Mensa here; Fitz pulls out some more history in referencing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s victory over Hydra lo these decades ago; Simmons, in a fairly obviously dubbed bit, adds that in addition to Hydra, Centipede and A.I.M. were made up of brilliant scientists; the point is that with the unlimited potential they all have, there's unlimited potential to do harm. We see Gill taking all this in, as is Skye, but before Fitz and Simmons can get to their real-life examples of potential gone awry, Gill agitatedly stands; as he yells for them to make it stop, ice envelops his feet and moves all the way up his body, silencing him as it finally covers his face. With Gill completely encased and someone screaming in the background like this is a torture-porn flick, we go to our first break. Creepy!

As everyone else, even the top ten percent we've been hearing so much about, stands around completely uselessly, Fitz and Simmons race into action, with Simmons calling to Fitz to find any exposed skin on Gill so she can inject him with glucose, which will raise his body's freezing point. Fitz, however, doesn't see any: "I need something to break the ice!" How about asking him if he comes here often? With a small tool, Fitz chips away some of the ice around Gill's neck, whereupon Simmons gives him the needle; Fitz then tells Ward and Skye to find the device that's doing this, and Skye locates it first and steps on it with her boot, whereupon the ice collapses. Everyone applauds like this was some kind of performance piece, but not participating in the kudos is Callie. Did she lose a bet on whether Fitz and Simmons would save the day?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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