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The Ice Storm

Outside the Quantum Mechanics building, Ward tells them that once they get wherever they're going, they should just mingle and get people talking. Ward, that might be hard; these kids practically forget their own names once they catch sight of Fitz/Simmons. Ward adds that Skye looks young enough to blend in, and Skye replies that Ward's no old man himself and Fitz looks younger than the girls. Fitz: "The time will come when you won't make fun of me for that; you'll be jealous. You'll be jealous, wrinkly old hags." Hee. I love Bitter Fitz. Ward tells Fitz he wants him to talk to Gill, pointing out that he idolizes Fitz (I'm saying) and that even if he doesn't know who's after him, he could use a friend. Fitz grudgingly admits that Ward has good ideas every now and then before taking off, and then Skye and Simmons both hilariously beam at Ward's do-goodery. Ward tries to protest that his orders were strategic, but Skye snarks, "The Tin Man has a heart after all." Hee. The dialogue is snapping this episode. Has the team finally cohered?

Simmons is now leading the group as she tells them that S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps careful watch of everything within its walls, so in the late sixties, a few cadets started sneaking down to the boiler room to play cards and shoot the shit. As we cut to them heading down some dark stairs, Simmons goes on that some of the best S.H.I.E.L.D. ideas have come out of the institution, so it lives on. Skye wonders if that means they're cramming into a boiler room, but even though Simmons opens a door marked "Maintenance," the balcony she leads them to looks down on a full-on bar and disco-ball-lit entertainment center. Even granting what Ward said earlier about the cadets being trained to keep secrets, it's preposterous on paper; the idea that this could be kept secret from a secret-gathering organization doesn't wash – but in practice it plays; it's charmingly silly and out there and just the kind of thing this show needs to not take itself too seriously, and when Simmons determines from Ward that they don't have anything like this at Ops, she gloats: "Did not. Think so." Hee. The petty rivalry between divisions is also a favorite, even if Ward won't really play. Skye leads the way down to the bar. Let the mingling begin!

Gill opens the door and is shocked and awed to see Fitz, who invites himself in and announces that his dorm room was just like Gill's, only messier. I thought he was the fussy one and Simmons was the slob? The joke lands awkwardly, so Fitz goes serious and tells Gill he shouldn't be afraid to let him know if he suspects someone. Gill figures it was just a prank, but Fitz barely has time to rightly dismiss that idea before he sees some schematics on Gill's wall and then picks up a prototype of an "ionized air cannon," which he notes is very small, and Gill replies that he was able to double the pressurization that way. Careful, Simmons; you might have a rival for Fitz's brain love! To wit, an impressed Fitz tells Gill he shouldn't keep his "big ideas" to himself and should share them with his instructors, but Gill's like, oh, these aren't my big ideas. Did he mention the 190 IQ?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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