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The Ice Storm

Back in Lola, May tries to engage Coulson, saying that if she wanted to escape as Lumley does, she'd hide in the wheel well of a 747 bound for Singapore, while she guesses Coulson would head to South America. "Lima, most likely, what with the growing food scene." Funny, but if Coulson's such a foodie, how come we never see anything more than sandwiches in the plane galley? Shouldn't they have a weekly wrap-up feast? Coulson's like, okay, what's with you talking all of a sudden, so May shoots back that someone has to, and when Coulson asks why she picked up the Skye investigation again, May evenly replies that Skye's proved herself and stepped up for the team. It's true, after last time, but I think May's also secretly flattered that Skye chose to impersonate her. Coulson astutely wonders if that's really it or if she's just trying to distract him, and May admits that it's both, and while Coulson may wonder if his memories were changed more than he knows, May firmly tells him that she's known him a long time. "You know I'd be the first to go down that road if I thought it led somewhere."

I still want to know more about the procedures they used on Coulson, but May makes a good case, and Coulson admits it but adds that he's tired of secrets, so as it happens he's glad they're there. "We need to root out all the secrets." This is the same guy who decreed that Skye could never know the truth about how she showed up at the orphanage; it's good work on the character arc even if it's taken a while. May looks irresolute for a moment, but then offers, "Agent Ward and I have been having sex." Ha! I never, ever thought that would come out in this manner, but the best part is that just as she says it Coulson catches sight of Lumley, so May has to put her embarrassment on hold while not even knowing for sure if Coulson heard her. Hee.

Anyway, the two of them split up to try to trap Lumley, but Lumley makes May and ducks down an alley. May hotly pursues him, but when she rounds a corner he seems to have escaped – but not for long, as he swings his feet into her from above. They fight, and it's the best visual melee I can remember; there have been some decently choreographed ones with Ward but this one is the least choppy in terms of the camerawork (and also has some good non-obvious stunt work), which I always prefer; I hate the Bourne-type fights where you can't see anything and you risk getting seizures. May tosses Lumley into a wall, whereupon Lumley ejects something from his watch; I can't tell if it's a weapon or (more likely) a suicide pill, but the point's quickly rendered moot as May kicks it away. After some more fighting, Lumley manages to break some wood slats over May's back and starts to run – but Coulson blocks his path with Lola, so he resorts to starting to scale the building. As we know, though, Lola is not an earthbound Corvette, and when Coulson floats into the air after Lumley, he takes a break from running. Coulson introduces himself, and Lumley is relieved: "This is about the baby girl, isn't it?" It is, and do tell!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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