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The Ice Storm

Oh, okay, it was a suicide pill – cyanide, to be specific – and Coulson can't believe Lumley was ready to go to such drastic measures, but he says he wanted to avoid the fate that befell his partner – and by the way, she wasn't the first to die. He explains that they were heading into the Hunan province of China to investigate a call from a senior agent about an 0-8-4 and found that the entire village had died trying to protect it. He and "Linda" Avery were part of a five-person backup squad; when they lost contact with the first team, they went in search of them and found the senior agent, who had died from a gunshot wound but was still clutching the 0-8-4. "Poor thing was covered in blood." Coulson reels as he digests the news that Skye was the 0-8-4 (especially since the previouslies reminded us that he once joked about that very thing), and Lumley thinks she must have had powers, although "we never witnessed it."

May looks almost as bewildered as Coulson as Lumley goes on that the five of them helicoptered the kid home – but after they landed, they started getting crossed off. "Tortured, heads bashed in." Soon, only he and Avery were left, and they realized they needed to protect Skye by erasing her from existence. Avery used the lead agent's credentials to fake a Level Eight clearance, which she used to set up "a nearly invisible protocol" calling for Skye to be moved to a different foster home every few months. Avery died protecting the secret, while Lumley disappeared, because "whoever killed that kid's family and all those agents was a force to be reckoned with." No kidding! Not that this story doesn't pose some tough questions, but if Avery repossessed that clearance it does explain why Skye's information was redacted and probably why Big S.H.I.E.L.D. apparently hasn't been searching for Skye all this time, and it's easily intriguing enough that I'm willing to nevermind the details for now -- plus it gives the team another reason to develop into an even tighter unit.

Lumley doesn't want to hear anything about Skye's identity but is relieved to hear she's safe; he then asks if they're going to take him in, and May says yes, but Coulson countermands that: "I'm not sure S.H.I.E.L.D. is the safest place for you right now." I've been saying all along S.H.I.E.L.D. would be far more interesting with some evil in its ranks, and the story going on at the Academy could well be a parallel for something nefarious going on up above, which would really make me happy. Coulson tells Lumley they'll get in the air and drop him someplace along the route – with a parachute, I hope – and Lumley thanks them but still counsels them to stop digging. "And stay the hell away from that girl – because wherever she goes, death follows." That's better than boredom! As they walk away, May cautions Coulson that for everyone's safety they can't let the information go any further – and Skye especially can't know. "You can never tell her." How will that fit with Coulson's anti-secrets policy? At the moment, he's not telling.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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