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The Ice Storm

At the boiler room bar, Skye reports back to Ward, who is not exactly socializing, that she told the bartender she's a Level Seven computer-science operative stationed at the Sandbox. Ward compliments the thinking, and Skye goes on that she pumped the bartender for information on whether any of the cadets aspire to the Sandbox, and guess what? Callie really wants it, but word is she's lost the top spot. Given that she was also at the pool but hesitated to go in, a case against her is shaping up, so Ward and Skye head off for more recon. In Ward's case, that may involve holding up the boiler, but still.

Fitz is marveling over Gill's schematics for a battery that carries a terawatt of energy, but Gill glumly says that while smaller models have been operational, he can't get it to work at that size because of the geometric increase in temperature. Fitz suggests an exterior oxygen flow, which might lower the power of the battery but would have a cooling effect that would at least render it functional. Gill looks like a light just went on, but Fitz cautions him to show it to Weaver before he tests it, as he has no idea how powerful it could be. Gill's like "sure sure sure" before saying it's true what they say, Fitz is the smartest person ever to come through there, and Fitz eagerly replies, "Is that what they say?" Hee. Fitz then admits that Simmons might be smarter "technically, but that's because she likes homework more than life itself." So you were the goof-off of the pair, Fitz. Got it. Gill wistfully guesses that it's nice to have someone with whom to talk shop all the time, "or to just plain talk to," so Fitz offers that he didn't like it at the Academy at first, and they share stories about being shy and misunderstood, essentially. Fitz tells him to hang in and he'll find a friend, and even invites him to come along to the boiler room (Boiler Room?), but Gill declines, saying he's going to try to draw up some of Fitz's changes. Gill thanks Fitz before he goes, and Fitz smiles warmly before heading out. No problem here!

Back in the Boiler Room, Ward has managed to get into a game of pool with Callie, who wonders why an Ops guy is hanging there. Ward winces at the lie he's about to tell but says that he's looking for the best mind they have to jump up in clearance and "join my top shadow unit. Is that you?" Callie's like, you never know before asking what the shadow unit will be doing, and Ward keeps it vague but does comment that the tech in the lecture hall was impressive, and whoever invented it could have a bright future. Callie's mildly surprised at that assessment given that Gill and Dormer were hurt, and when Ward points out that they survived, she comments that it's the best thing that's happened to them all year. She takes her next shot, but Ward grabs it – FOUL – before suggesting she come clean about what she meant by that so he doesn't have to squeal to Weaver about her inappropriate ambitions. Callie explains that she only meant they got to meet Fitz, and they'd been talking about it for weeks. The alarm bells immediately go off for Ward, and they only get louder when Callie goes on that the two boys who supposedly weren't friends were discussing it with each other. On the plus side, Ward, look at what good things happen when you socialize!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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