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An Alien's Forcibly Taken Blood And Other Drugs
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In what will soon be revealed to be Zurich, the team has gotten Skye to a S.H.I.E.L.D. trauma unit within two hours of her taking Quinn's bullets, and after a quick and standard montage of her intake and prep, we cut to a waiting room, in which the rest of the team waits nervously and silently as Coulson tries and fails to get Fury on the phone. Fitz then berates himself for not stopping Skye going in after Quinn, but Simmons won't hear such talk, and Ward adds that it wasn't his fault; he takes the blame as her SO, but the pointed look he gives to Coulson's back suggests his actual assessment of responsibility. May, however, sensibly and firmly pipes up that the one to blame is Quinn -- the one who actually pulled the trigger -- and then Coulson fairly lividly gets off the phone and stomps out. I thought the other guy's name was Fury!

Sometime later, everyone is doing waiting room things like drinking coffee and trying not to fall asleep when a doctor emerges and grimly announces that the bullets perforated Skye's stomach penetrated both her intestines. And, as May and Ward both look severely stricken, she concludes that there's no hope and that they need to call Skye's family. Coulson desperately replies that they are her family, but there's no relief coming: "In that case, I'm very sorry." Everyone slowly sits back down, distraught – save May, who marches into the plane's interrogation room on a tidal wave of rage and beats the smug right off Quinn's face (while, by the way, he's still cuffed to the desk) until Coulson calls her off and into his office. May agitatedly seethes that Quinn, not Skye, deserves to die, and Coulson hardly disagrees but tells her right now he needs her to pilot the plane. May reminds him that the doctor can't do anything, but Coulson's like, "True, that's why we're going to hit up the doctors who saved me." I'd remind him that he begged them to let him die for like days on end, but if I remember right other people are going to do a good enough job for me.

After a huge forklift loads Skye's entire medical cube onto the plane, Ward reports that Big S.H.I.E.L.D. has ordered them to hand over Quinn and transport to the Fridge. Coulson, however, is like, denied on both counts, so Ward asks him if he's sure about taking Skye all the way to Bethesda. It's an oddly phrased question (if it's the only place to treat her, who cares how far away it is) but I suppose Ward could be getting at the idea that Skye might die on the way and then Coulson's defiance of his orders would be for nothing. Doesn't seem likely, though. It's probably just to set Coulson up to tell us that his file says he was treated in Bethesda. Ward starts to say that he knows S.H.I.E.L.D. saved him there, but Coulson cuts him off: "They did a lot more than save me. It's time you know the truth." Indeed!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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