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Deathlok and Load
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As I mentioned in the recaplet, I enjoyed this episode. It was paced well and at least moved along both the Peterson and the Clairvoyant arcs. Still, two things: If you're not going to make "T.R.A.C.K.S." an acronym for something, don't make it an acronym. Also, my moment-to-moment coverage of the show is by definition going to produce a difference critical process than that of someone watching on a more macro level, but if you want an independent (and pretty comprehensive) analysis of the show's problems thus far, this compilation by the TWoP staff pretty much covers it. (In fairness, I do think some of the issues are starting to be addressed, but until they fix the "not enough Joss" one I fear the show will never come close to its promise.)

So! After an establishing shot of the plane and a close-up on digital images of Quinn (and I do appreciate the terrible-yet-believable "In Like Quinn" headline on a fake magazine cover), Coulson tells the team he now knows how they can find Quinn. Skye's hacking has revealed that he -- through a shell corporation -- made a recent purchase to the tune of $10 million, paid to a "Cybertek Inc., a small firm that deals in advanced technology and research." I hope she's not just reciting the company's marketing jargon, because I think you'd be hard pressed to find a firm that describes itself as dealing in facile or obsolete tech. Interspersed throughout this conversation are cutaway shots of a luxury train, and Coulson goes on that Cybertek has hired a private security firm comprised of former military to transfer the purchase. Well, that play doesn't always work out, if Amador was any indication. With Big S.H.I.E.L.D. on the hunt for Quinn, Cybertek is transporting the package, as Skye puts it, "old-school," via a train going from Verona across the rural and isolated Italian countryside to Zagreb. May asks if Coulson thinks Quinn's on the train, and the answer's no, but according to the Italian authorities he spoke with, the belief is that the delivery is going to Quinn personally. The motives here seem pretty murky, given what we later learn. It's hard to believe Russo would give up information to Coulson, but maybe Coulson learned enough from Skye's hacking that he concluded this is his best play. May asks if the Italians don't mind them taking over, and Coulson's like, "I asked very nicely."

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