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On the plane, May finally figures out who leaked Hall's route -- Hall himself. Meanwhile, in the lab, Hall tells Coulson that neither Quinn nor anyone else can be permitted to have control of the gravitonium technology, so he's going to bury it at the bottom of the ocean, along with Quinn. He adds that Quinn just grows more powerful every day and won't heed sanctions from governments or anyone else, and Hall's actually sounds like a pretty solid plan. So surely Coulson, representing an agency that has to make morally questionable choices to protect the masses, should see the logic behind it, right? Instead, Hall pushes a touchpad in front of him, and Coulson says that something tells him it wasn't the "off" button before getting blown camera right and off-screen. Again, Whedon is all about comic relief, but Coulson's supposed to be the leader; is every line of his going to be accompanied by a rimshot?

After the break, Coulson recovers amid a roomful of upended furniture; he then checks in with Fitz/Simmons, who tell him that given the size of Quinn's machine, it'll take down far more than the entire compound. He charges them to find a solution before we realize he's upside down, and the camera angle then inverts so we don't have to be tempted to sing "Dancing on the Ceiling." Hall, grabbing a bottle and a glass, tells Coulson there's nothing to be done -- soon, the machine will reach an exponential acceleration state. Coulson, wide-eyed, says his team of good people is nearby, but Hall is like, they're sworn to protect all mankind, right? Because that's just what I'm doing! Again, it doesn't seem like Coulson's even considering letting this play out, but shouldn't he? He can hardly guarantee that the device won't eventually be brought to bear on the entire world; aren't these tough calls the kind of things he's supposed to think about?

Upstairs, Quinn has a hand around Skye's throat and the gun still pointed at her as he makes the all-too-familiar villain mistake of talking too much; he tells her S.H.I.E.L.D. is Big Brother, but Skye's like, yeah, "but they're the nice big brother who stands up for his helpless little brother when he's getting beat up becauseā€¦ he ate a piece of cake." I'm no fan of literal metaphors, but to her credit Skye realizes the sentence isn't going anywhere, and it does at least have the effect of producing a WTF look on Quinn's face. Skye, with renewed force in her voice, then points out that Quinn kidnapped a dude, but Quinn is like, I saved him! "And I could have saved you." And this is a perfect setup for a fairly stale version of the call-and-response with Ward showing up to save Skye -- only when we cut to him, he's still wandering the halls and muttering, "This place is massive." Ha! Fun successfully poked.

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