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Back In The Game
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It's a little hard to know how to grade this episode. On the one hand, it gets the much-needed Centipede back in the game, gives us a way in to the mystery of what happened to Coulson (not that there haven't been others the show has ignored.) And it has an excellent mid-season cliffhanger that could lead to some really good stuff. On the other, it's not without its problems (shut up Skye about your parents, shut up May and your perma-scowl, shut up villains who are creepy for no reason), and it feels like the stuff it covers should have happened like five episodes ago. If next year the show picks up the pace at which it reveals the macro stuff in its universe and brings the conflict between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Centipede front and center, awesome; if not, yeesh. Still, I'm grading it higher than it probably deserves, because on some level I still do want it to be good. So:

At a maximum security joint -- that a chyron informs us is "Havenworth Federal Penitentiary" -- inmates wander around with lunch trays in hand. But one who is already sitting is our friend whom Raina, the girl with the flower dress, went to see at the end of that sartorially-named episode. Another inmate attempts to join him, but without looking up, our friend -- in his mannered-psycho way of speaking -- informs the guy the seat is taken. Although twice our friend's size, the guy recoils and withdraws when our friend fixes him with a look, and I'd wonder what our friend did to earn such fear if I didn't already know we're going to find out.

Three men blast through the ceiling to drop into the room, and we see a Centipede device on one of their wrists, so even at this point it seems logical to guess that Centipede has indeed successfully harnessed Chan's blood platelets to make their super soldiers viable. Speaking of the super soldiers, they handle the guards quickly as our friend blithely continues eating, like, obviously we're supposed to be impressed with his calm detachment, but if he's not taking any excuse to stop consuming prison food he really must be crazy. As ropes drop in through the hole in the ceiling, the SAG-card-carrying super soldier informs our friend it's time to go, but our friend is all, it's time to go sir, and again, just because the psycho killer who insists on respectful terms in an entertainment staple doesn't mean you need to include it for no reason. I'm pretty sure he could have made the point effectively on the way out of the building. Find a way to explain why he acts the way he does or don't include the quirk. Regardless, the super soldier amends his request to include the honorific, whereupon our friend -- after daintily wiping his mouth with a napkin -- joins the super soldiers in being pulled up out of the room and into the title card.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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