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The Girl in the Flower Dress

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The Girl Who Played With Fire
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Accompanied by geographically appropriate Eastern plucked strings, we begin in Hong Kong, where a street performer talks about how his grandfather told him every man is a mystery. He doesn't follow with "Am I right, ladies?" but maybe he's still honing his material. His magic tricks, however, go unappreciated by the crowd, with the exception of an African-American woman in an Eastern floral dress who regards him with a smile. Emboldened, he opens his hand and a small sphere of flame appears in it, which he then turns and throws toward the crowd. Although it dissipates, the sparks and heat from it are obviously real enough and produce some applause and some frightened reactions. The woman in the dress steps forward to chat him up, whereupon he introduces himself as "Chan Ho Yin" and she tells him her name is "Raina." She goes on to say that she'd love to see the fire trick again, and when he offers that he doesn't think it's a good idea, she agrees: "It's a great idea." That's hacky enough that I don't think adding "in bed" to it hurts it any.

Cut to Chan's apartment (see?) after he apologizes for the clutter and gives Raina a beer, she notes the old framed posters for Houdini performances and guesses that he appreciates the greats. Chan, however, says that while he idolized Houdini for many years, he's realized that there was no real magic there -- just tricks. Sounds like someone's seen Breaking the Magician's Code. After speculating that what he does is real, Raina asks him again to show her and he again hesitates, but eventually produces the flame in his hand once more, even having her lightly touch it to prove it's not an illusion. Fascinated, she asks how long he's had this power, and he tells her it's been a few years -- a dishtowel caught fire in his hands the first time it manifested. He adds that the flame doesn't hurt him in the slightest, and in a wonder-filled voice, she tells him he has a gift and she's never seen anything like it, which might be more meaningful after this scene.

She wonders why he doesn't show the world, and he seems to want to but starts to explain that there are people opposing the idea before cutting himself off. He does say, however, that given his interest in magic he wonders if this happened to him for a reason, and Raina soberly agrees that he's been chosen before asking him to close his eyes, "and I'll show you." Given his quickness to comply, I'm guessing that Yin's busy pursuit of magic doesn't leave him a lot of time to watch TV. And sure enough, when he opens his eyes, he sees two guys in flame-retardant silver suits flanking a now hilariously bored-looking Raina, and although he puts up a fight, one of them settles the issue by slamming something heavy into his face and us into the title card.

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