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Distrust The System
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In a gulag-looking indoor setting, two paramilitary types lead a cuffed and hooded man into a chair, whereupon one of them removes the hood to reveal Coulson, who tells them he thinks they may have a mole problem. I'm sure he's congratulating himself on the double entendre that will soon be revealed, but the tough in front of him merely punches him before sneering that Coulson won't be so amused when "The Interrogator" gets there; on cue, a large, forbidding man strides up and selects a torture tool from a tray of them that looks so standard I have the feeling they sell it at Target now. Apparently, though, there's only so far Coulson is willing to play this game, as after referencing some intel he tells "Agent Shaw" that "they" know and they have three minutes. Also on cue, May and Ward come out of nowhere and kick some ass while Coulson loses his trick cuffs, and then Agent Interrogator Shaw throws a blade into another of their assailants. They escape out a hatch that leads them up to a snow-covered landscape and hop snowmobiles pointed toward the plane, and you can make your own Catskills joke about how cold an open this is.

On the plane, Shaw is looking nervous, which is understandable given that Simmons is preparing a little grabbing tool that can only be headed up his nose. My sister once shoved a pea up her nostril when she was a kid, but I don't think the thing they used to remove it was quite as sophisticated. Count your blessings, Shaw. After rather too much talking from Simmons about whether Shaw should or shouldn't breathe ("try not to," it seems to boil down to), with the aid of a live X-ray image next to her, Simmons succeeds in using the tool to extract a small cartridge that apparently contains all the intel Shaw gathered on his mission, and Coulson amusingly allows a hint of "ew" to seep into his thanks for Shaw's service. Coulson then announces that they're going to "The Hub" to deliver both Shaw and the intel, and given what we see of the place later, Simmons' resultant excitement would seem overblown if that weren't her default setting.

Coulson emerges from the lab with the data in his hand and Fitz and Skye both offer to do their thing with it, but he informs them access to the data requires Clearance Level Eight. When he's gone, Skye's like wait, what… he can keep secrets now? And while I'll admit a hacker probably isn't used to such boundaries it still seems a bit rich to be genuinely surprised here, so I thank Fitz for replying "No need to get started on one of your socialist riffs." Hee. Ward duhs that any one agent having too much information would make the entire organization vulnerable, and May pipes up that the way Coulson runs things on the plane is one thing, but "the Hub is different." Skye: "What's the Hub?" I've complimented the show for its call-and-response setups before, so I'd like them to note that the pattern of using Skye's audience-surrogate questions as calls is a decidedly inferior effort.

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