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I rarely comment on previouslies, but they really underscore how few episodes were really needed to get here. Only four episodes had significant bearing on the Centipede plot, and I wouldn't necessarily begrudge the others if they'd actually done any meaningful character development. But however long it took, here we are, and we start with a close-up of a Chitauri artifact in an open briefcase. A wider camera angle then reveals that we're witnessing an exchange, as a young woman approvingly asks "Vanchat" – who, as I mentioned in the recaplet, owned the safe Ward robbed in the pilot – how he got hold of it, and Vanchat tells her finding "alien scrap that no one else can" is his vocation. The woman tells him to name his price, but just then a black disc that would look like an air-hockey puck if not for the lights around its edge and its S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem slides across the floor into view. The woman quizzically asks if it's a Roomba – hee – but it emits a blinding burst of light, after which May and Ward come rushing in and get with the fighting.

Ward gets tangled up momentarily with some henchthugs (he also gets hit in the general area in which he got shot, which is our only small reminder that even happened), allowing Vanchat to make it out a side door, but May's after him in a flash, and Ward soon gives chase as well. Vanchat fires off a few rounds at May, but she successfully takes cover; he then heads into a stairwell and down, but May calls to Fitz/Simmons that he's coming their way. In a control van, Simmons asks Fitz if he's sure this will fly (sorry), but he shows some steel as he tells her to embrace the change. When Vanchat gets out of the stairwell, he runs into several of Fitz's drones that emit some blinding light; unable to pass that way, he turns around and boards an elevator, whereupon Ward calls to Skye that it's her turn. She and her laptop send the elevator careening up at breakneck pace, and when Vanchat soon alights on the roof, he runs straight into a bunch of commandos who can only be from Big S.H.I.E.L.D., and that's completely confirmed when Agent Hand steps forward from behind the men. "Mr. Vanchat? We were hoping you could help us find a friend." I may not have had much use for her last time, but that's a hell of an entrance. Title card.

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