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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well
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So we start off with a little wonder-filled VO from Simmons about what people used to believe with regard to Asgard. The point is that people now know that it's real, and we get a few Marvel-owned shots from Thor: The Dark World. Of course, they do not actually include Thor (other than a distant CGI shot) or Loki or anyone, really, because while Marvel/Disney may be willing to throw this show a few computer-generated bones. No way are they going to shell out for or even facilitate the production getting the likeness/photo rights for Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston.

They will, however, encourage/require the show to do a tie-in of sorts. So we open in Greenwich University in London with the team apparently having been hired as specialized janitors as they clean up the mess made at the end of the film while keeping an eye out for any alien artifacts. Simmons then rejects a call from her parents for…no TV-worthy reason as far as I can tell. She mentions that they want explanations and answers for "all this," as probably any parent would, plus she doesn't want to tell them about her near-death experience two episodes ago. So…don't? Maybe chat about the weather instead? It's such an odd little point to include. Maybe they're going to expand on it in future episodes but they pay it so little attention here it doesn't seem worth bringing it up at all. Not to mention the fact that a sure way to exacerbate parental worry is to screen their calls for extended periods of time.

Elsewhere, Skye once again is tasked with audience-surrogate duties as she explains to anyone who doesn't know that Asgardians are aliens from another planet that visited Earth thousands of years ago. (After several weeks spent shedding millions of viewers I'm pretty sure anyone who wouldn't know this has moved on to other things, but thanks for the expository effort, I guess). Skye goes on about how she'd have loved to check out the alien ship, and May's face admits to some intrigue at the idea. Skye and May also agree that Thor is "dreamy" and I'd joke that Mr. Hemsworth's people will send them a check, but they're not exactly wrong. Still, is this what watching the show is about? A bunch of people talking about Thor like he's the Tino of this show? Fitz's Alien-O-Meter then goes off, so Ward quickly bags the piece of the alien ship that set it off and then smiles that that's why they're there is to "to keep everything under control." Good job, Ward! Now sew this "Thematic Line Of The Week" patch on your sleeve!

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