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The Well

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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

As Skye helps Ward, Larsen takes a moment to process her dead boyfriend, and May grabs the two staff pieces in front of her, which duly imbue her with their power. She dispatches the one goon accompanying Larsen before the two women fight, and May succeeds in knocking Larsen's piece away and sending her to the ground. Once it gets within a certain range, the third piece jumps forth and attaches itself to one of May's. She then sticks the third piece into the middle one and fully reassembles the staff. Getting to her feet, Larsen tells May she's not afraid of her, but May quickly knocks her out. (I've come down hard on the show for the obvious dialogue so I must thank it here for letting May's bad-ass pose speak for itself instead of making Ming-Na Wen give a stock answer like "You should be.") May carefully places the staff on the floor and exchanges a look of understanding with Ward. Upstairs, Randolph comes to WITH COULSON'S HAND STILL IN HIM. That was gross of Coulson not to mention he might have healed around you. What's also gross is Randolph immediately slobbering over Simmons, but I suppose I can't begrudge him that after what he just endured.

Later, after a little chatter among the kids about the way Randolph's life was saved, Simmons gets another call. This time she takes it becauseā€¦the events of the episode have taught her not to be afraid of talking with her own parents? I have no idea. Elsewhere, Ward asks May if she saw anything when she held the staff, and she nods, so Ward asks how she could bear holding all three pieces. May says, "Because I see it every day." (I've been waiting to find out the backstory on May, but if it's THAT horrible maybe I can do without a visual retelling).

For his part, Coulson is reaching a tentative hand toward the staff when Randolph walks over and asks what he hopes to see. Coulson tells him about having died(-ish) and that his memory of the months afterward is gone. Randolph asks if that haunts him, but Coulson tells him it's not that exactly. When Randolph inquires what the problem is then, Coulson sees his point and leaves the thing for a couple S.H.I.E.L.D. flunkies to take away. They then have an entirely-too-long discussion about where Randolph might go to next (Coulson suggests Portland), and then Coulson has to bring up "if Thor shows up" again. Like, that is NEVER HAPPENING and pretending like it does just for the sake of meeting your quota of saying "Thor" in this episode still demeans us all.

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