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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

In a nice-looking hotel bar (maybe in Dublin's Temple Bar? Also, they're getting an "overnight" here), Skye finds Ward and his triple-sized shot of something amber and asks how he's feeling. He admits he is "not great," although, disappointingly, without an Archer-like intonation. Of course, Skye didn't set it up with "So, how's this going?" He apologizes for his earlier behavior, but Skye's fine, so Ward asks if everything just rolls off her back. She tells him no, but raging doesn't help matters, and he admits that the memory had to do with his brother. She puts a hand on his and tells him she's there to talk if he needs to, and you might fear that this is leading to sexy times but the way he looks down at her hand like "What is that doing there?" suggests otherwise. Sure enough, he tells her he's beat and makes his escape, after which she looks…concerned? Interested? We'll go with concerned.

Upstairs, Ward is getting out his key card when May appears down the hall. After she opens up her room, they exchange a pointed look, and then she enters as she leaves the door open and uses her mostly-full bottle of something to kind of lazily beckon him to join her. He considers for a moment, but sure enough, he follows her in and shuts the door. Honestly, after the day they've had (and the experience they shared), who can blame them? If there are any characters more capable of having casual sex without it turning into any drama, it's these two.

In the end, Coulson is on an idyllic beach getting massaged by a Tahitian woman. He asks, "Did I fall asleep?" She replies, "For a little while," which as I alluded to in the recaplet is a call-and-response from Dollhouse. It's cute, but it also makes me recall that that show had figured itself out by this point in its run. Get it together, S.H.I.E.L.D.; I know a lot of people who have dropped you already. Coulson sighs that Tahiti is too good to be true, and the woman smiles that she knows that "it's a magical place." And with that, Coulson wakes up in a cold sweat. Should have grabbed the staff after all, huh?

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