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We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

Cut to Seville, in which the ostensible professor (played by Peter MacNicol, best known as John Cage on Ally McBeal and a series regular on Numb3rs) is lecturing some student about her paper, and on top of the non-tie-in tie-ins, this is another weird filler segment that does absolutely nothing for the episode. Although, there is a bit of inappropriate horn dog fraternizing thrown in for good measure. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team then enters and Coulson immediately admires Randolph's fancy pen. Randolph, in turn, wonders if Coulson found something on the ground in London, but Coulson corrects him that it was Norway as he produces the replica of the staff piece. Randolph believes that what they're looking at is a piece of the Berserker staff, and even though I'm familiar with the mythology I can still only think of Randal from Clerks when I hear that word. Randolph goes on that the myth -- which dates back to the twelfth century -- is about a powerful Asgardian warrior and Berserker soldier.

After explaining that the Berserkers' staffs contained a magic both dark and powerful enough that gave them super-strength at the cost of uncontrollable rage, he goes on that this particular Berserker somehow traded his rage for love of Earth and humanity, and when his army returned to Asgard, he stayed behind. Not wanting the staff to fall into the wrong hands, he broke it in three and hid each piece in a different location, and said locations are described in an old poetic text, which must be how Nystrom and Larsen found it; the remaining two have to do with a burial site and a holy place. Coulson is disappointed the indications aren't clearer, but Randolph tells him about a place in Canada where many interesting Viking discoveries have recently been made, so Coulson resolves to check it out.

However, back on the plane, Coulson tells Ward that their agents on the ground in Canada haven't found anything Asgardian. I mean, look, I know we're meant to be impressed that Coulson was on to this guy from the start, but I don't understand what Randolph thought he had to gain by telling Coulson anything about the staff, much less as much as he did. Half the runes on it were missing… why didn't he just say it was unreadable? Regardless, Skye reports that Nystrom and Larsen have a bunch of disciples who want to become Destructo-Gods or whatever before telling them she's researched Viking trade routes like Randolph suggested. There are some along the Volga River and, as it happens, right there in Seville. May pipes up that there's a church built over an eighth-century crypt they should check out, so Coulson replies that they should investigate the bones and discover what they can "dig up." He then asks if they saw what he did there, and Coulson, let me ask you this: WHAT KIND OF PERSON STILL USES THAT EXPRESSION?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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